Why We’re Staying in Our Small House

Small House

Earlier this year, we made an offer on a small farm and put our home on the market. The seller wasn’t willing to negotiate one bit, our home didn’t sell and we realized it just wasn’t the right timing. At the beginning of May, we decided to take the ‘for sale’ sign down again.

So, why are we staying? 

We like our home. It’s in a great location about 15 minutes from my husband’s work, our church and town. We have great neighbors, we love our shaded front yard, fenced in back yard and garden plot. And, while our home is small, it’s just right for our family.

Living in our small home comes with benefits like a very affordable mortgage and there’s less to clean!

A week after we took the sign down, our church had Joe Sangl of I Was Broke, Now I’m Not teach on personal finances. We attended his financial coaching leadership seminar and church wide financial learning experience. His teachings gave us renewed excitement about our finances!

At the end of the weekend, we set several goals for our personal finances. The big goal we set is to have our mortgage paid off in 5 years (and we’re really hoping to knock it out before then!)

We are willing to sacrifice our dream of owning a small farm temporarily so we can put ourselves in a better financial position to purchase a small farm in few years. By waiting until we are in a better financial position to purchase a farm, we will eliminate a lot of financial stress that comes with having a large mortgage.

We’re staying in our small home because it makes the most sense for our family financially. 

Now that we’re focused on this goal, I’ll probably be sharing a bit more about our personal finances and how we’re making steps towards this goal. I’ll also be writing even more about living minimally in a small space since we’re fully embracing the home we’re in.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! And as Dave says, live like no one else so that later you can live and give like no one else!

  2. That must have been a really hard to decision to make, and I'm proud of you guys! Having a focus/BHAG will be a fun adventure…Just this month I decided on a 5-year plan to try to get rid of all my husband's med school debt. Not sure we can do it in 5 years, but we're gonna try. I was excited to hear that you are a starting a 5-year financial goal at the same time! Can't wait to hear updates/progress…Love all your blog posts…keep them coming!

    1. Yay for BHAGs! I'm a big time goal setter so setting this goal and sharing it is exciting. Yay for your goal too!! Best wishes to your family. I'll be sharing some of our frugal ways that are helping us work towards this goal!

  3. We recently began the process of putting our house on the market and then at the last minute decided not to do it as we realized it really isn't the best time after all. It's hard to put some dreams and desires on hold, but it's a good lesson in gratitude and loving what we have. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. Waiting can be hard! Just yesterday, my 3-year-old once again asked 'when are we going to move to our farm?' I told him, "I don't know when we'll move to a farm but we're kinda farming where we are since we have a garden!' 🙂

  4. What a great post, Rachel. WOW, your goal to pay off the house in 5 years is amazing. I'm so impressed! We have our sights set on 10, but 5 would just be…. awesome. Go for it! Love your perspective and heart for living small!

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