Why are You Waiting?

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale ends tonight at 11:59 EST!

Have you purchased your bundle yet?

If not, why are you waiting?

Are you waiting because you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything that is included in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?


You know what? It’s too much for me too!

So, how am I avoiding overwhelm?

By choosing the things that interest me the most and focusing on them.

I’m not worrying about all of the others that don’t interest me or don’t apply to my life.

My top 10 picks

  1. A Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies eCourse ($99)
  2. The Healthy Home eCourse ($95)
  3. Project Organize Your Entire Life ($14.98)
  4. Lotions, Potions, Salves and Sprays eBook ($6.99)
  5. The Healthy Breakfast Book eBook ($12.95)
  6. From Your Garden to Your Family eBook ($10.00)
  7. Your Grace Filled Journey to Real Food eBook ($9.99)
  8. Homeschooling Day by Day eBook ($4.99)
  9. The Heart of Simplicity eBook ($9.99)
  10. Vegetable Gardening: Smart Techniques for Plentiful Results (BONUS Craftsy class) ($39.99)

My top 10 picks alone have a value of $303.88 which make the $29.97 for the bundle worth every penny.

Focus on the eCourses and eBooks that interest you the most and don’t let all the rest leave you feeling overwhelmed!


Are you waiting because you already own several of the eBooks that are included?

Did you know you can gift the Books you already own, don’t apply to your season of life or you’re not interested in?

As long as you delete them from your computer (to honor the copyright), you can gift the eBooks you already own or won’t read!

To gift, you could print the eBook out or just email the recipient the file.

I have given several eBooks and printables from past bundle sales to friends and family because I already owned a copy or they weren’t applicable to me!

Are you waiting because $29.97 seems like too much to spend? 

I’ll admit I normally don’t spend $29.97 on anything ‘miscellaneous’. And, $29.97 is almost all of our monthly ‘miscellaneous’ budget!

[Now, if you’re on a tight budget and really can’t afford it, please don’t buy the bundle. I’m not trying to get you to go into debt for this!]

But, this bundle is such a wonderful value!

  • The Parents Guide to Natural Remedies eCourse is valued at $99. The bundle is $29.97. Most pediatrician co-pays are $20. So, learning from this eCourse could pay for the bundle if you don’t have to go to the pediatrician twice!
  • The books on motherhood have a value of $35.96. And, the encouragement you’ll glean from those books is priceless!
  • The simplifying and organizing books plus the Declutter Buddies eCourse are valued at $59.90. And, simplifying your home could earn you money (from selling unused things) and lower your stress level!
  • All but 3 of the Craftsy classes are priced $29.99 and up. I really enjoyed the Vegetable Gardening: Smart Techniques for Plentiful Results class and hope what I learned will help shave a few dollars off our our grocery budget thanks to our garden this summer.

Stop waiting and buy your bundle now before it’s too late! 

The sale ends at 11:59 EST tonight!! Don’t miss out on the wonderful value of this bundle!



Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post and will earn commission from your purchase.

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