What Happend to Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving.

What thoughts pop to mind when you think of this holiday?

Do you think turkey, football and family? Or does your mind wonder to Black Friday, sale ads and shopping?

My thoughts go to ‘what happened to Thanksgiving?’ 

Why don’t we really stop and give thanks for the blessings we have? Blessings of family, of health, of living in a free country? The blessing of the freedom of religion and the access to education? And, the blessings of a warm home, running water, plenty of food and clothing?

It seems like the beautiful day of Thanksgiving, a day where we should stop and give thanks for the things we do have, has turned into the gateway of consumerism. Thanksgiving dinner tables won’t even be cleared with the leftovers put in the fridge and the dishes washed before ‘black Thursday’ begins.

It’s just hard for me to understand how Americans have turned a day of thanks into yet another day of consumerism.

I won’t be spending my Thanksgiving day (or weekend) as a consumer. Instead, I’ll be thankful for the small pleasures of life. I’ll enjoy lazy mornings with my family, a Thanksgiving meal with extended family and a quiet weekend in (avoiding all of the shopping craziness!)

Remember, when you choose to go shopping on Thursday, you’re saying that another day of shopping is more important than Thanksgiving and family time for those working in retail. Your choice to go out and consume is why retailers open their stores.



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