What Happened to Thanksgiving?

What Happend to Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving.

What thoughts pop to mind when you think of this holiday?

Do you think turkey, football and family? Or does your mind wonder to Black Friday, sale ads and shopping?

My thoughts go to ‘what happened to Thanksgiving?’ 

Why don’t we really stop and give thanks for the blessings we have? Blessings of family, of health, of living in a free country? The blessing of the freedom of religion and the access to education? And, the blessings of a warm home, running water, plenty of food and clothing?

It seems like the beautiful day of Thanksgiving, a day where we should stop and give thanks for the things we do have, has turned into the gateway of consumerism. Thanksgiving dinner tables won’t even be cleared with the leftovers put in the fridge and the dishes washed before ‘black Thursday’ begins.

It’s just hard for me to understand how Americans have turned a day of thanks into yet another day of consumerism.

I won’t be spending my Thanksgiving day (or weekend) as a consumer. Instead, I’ll be thankful for the small pleasures of life. I’ll enjoy lazy mornings with my family, a Thanksgiving meal with extended family and a quiet weekend in (avoiding all of the shopping craziness!)

Remember, when you choose to go shopping on Thursday, you’re saying that another day of shopping is more important than Thanksgiving and family time for those working in retail. Your choice to go out and consume is why retailers open their stores.

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  1. I totally agree with you! It makes me sick knowing that Thanksgiving is glossed over in favor of black Friday shopping. Now there are pre-black Friday sales and black Friday commercials and stores opening on Thanksgiving just so people can get started on shopping for things they probably don't need and can't afford. I really love to shop, but I hate crowds and I really like this focus on consumerism and not the beauty of this season, so I stay home on black Friday. I get that stores need to make money and in a suffering economy, they have to do what they can to pull shoppers in, but it's overkill and it gives me the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    1. It's pretty ironic that we're supposed to be thankful on this day but instead the focus shifts towards more, more, more. And, all of it, especially the Thursday shopping is overkill!

  2. Very well said. I think it is quite sad. I will also be enjoying time with my family and avoiding the shopping malls at all costs! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I agree. I absolutely will not be shopping today. Unless somebody HAS to work (hospitals, police, things like that), there is no reason for employers to ask them too.
    Today I am thankful to spend time with my husband's family, who are so welcoming and loving to us.

  4. I agree. The whole point of Thanksgiving Day is to give thanks, not trample someone trying to beat them into a store. And the items that are so "cheap" on "Black Friday" are electronics, etc. that were made specifically for sale that day and so probably are not worth even the "cheap price" that consumers are paying for them, and definitely not worth being trampled over.

    I will not shop at all this weekend. In fact, I have cut my Christmas shopping for gifts out. My only child is a married adult living in another state and would prefer that I just give her cash, which is fine with me. In turn, I avoid the craziness of shopping, shipping costs, and the chance that I will buy her something she either doesn't like or that doesn't fit.

  5. Well said, I agree! The other thing that bothers me is that Christmas has also over-shadowed Thanksgiving. It makes me sad that I am burnt out with Christmas before it even arrives. It seems that people start decorating earlier and earlier every year, and of course the stores seems to have Christmas stuff earlier and earlier too. It is not even December for goodness sakes!

    1. I've been resisting all things Christmas, waiting until Thanksgiving is over and December is here! We still don't have our tree up (plan to either today or in the next few days), haven't listened to any Christmas music yet or watched any Christmas movies! I have completed almost all of my shopping…I typically start around July or August so I don't have to shop among the Christmastime craziness! 🙂 I agree, it seems to start earlier and earlier though.

  6. AMEN! My mother in law works at a retail store and she said they have had their trees up and for sale since September. Crazy! Good for those people who have stood up and refused to open their stores on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It great to see people stand up for what they believe, even knowing it could cost them their job.

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