Welcome to Intentionally Simple

Welcome to Intentionally Simple! I’ve been dreaming of this site for the past 6 months or so.

At the beginning of 2012, I started thinking more about my writing and the topics I was passionate about. My website at the time, Frugal & Simple, did not seem to be fitting into my vision, mainly the word frugal.

We still consider ourselves to be frugal but that word can mean so many different things. Our frugality is purchasing less but higher quality whereas most people view frugality as more for less.

I wanted to write more about living minimally and green as well as share more about parenting and our financial philosophy. I felt limited by the name Frugal & Simple.

After attending a conference back in March, I was inspired to finally take a risk and start over. During our drive home late that night, Intentionally Simple was born. It’s a little scary to be leaving the comfort of my former site and starting over from scratch but it’s also exciting, I feel like I have more direction now!

We’ve been working hard these past few weeks on this new site! We’ve moved some posts written on Frugal & Simple in 2012 here to Intentionally Simple because they’re posts written while I was dreaming up this site and they fit in with the theme of choosing to live an intentionally simple life.

Intentionally Simple describes our lifestyle. We want to live simply. We are choosing to live green, minimal and debt free while raising a family and living in a small home!

I’d love for you to look around this new space and learn what Intentionally Simple is about and about me!

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  1. Rachel

    I am loving the new site! It's great that you found your "center" on the blog. I'm subscribing to the feed
    and looking forward to future posts!

  2. I also consider myself frugal in the same way you do… I believe in spending more money upfront on something that is better quality and not having to replace it than getting a lot cheap stuff that doesn't last. Good luck with your new blog. I will transfer my subscription.

  3. Congrats, Rachel! The new site is lovely! I really like the new name too, very fitting! I'm excited for more charming posts over here 🙂

    Sometimes a little change feels so good, doesn't it? -And spring is the perfect time for it! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Rachel! Looking forward to following you and your lovely family through life's adventures on Intentionally Simple, Emma from Australia

    1. I never thought of it quite like that, opening a new chapter with blogging along with the newest member of our family! 🙂 I'm excited about sharing more about how we live intentionally simple!

  5. I love the new blog as the design is so fresh. I am really looking forward to reading posts about your new philosophy and how you are putting it into practice.

    I too have been moving away from using the word frugal to describe my lifestyle as I find I disagree with some of the definitions & I find I don't fit into any neat categories.

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