Waiting for the Dream

Waiting for the Dream

We have a dream to own a small farm.

John David and I both were raised on family farms, we met through the FFA and we both have a BS in Agriculture. Agriculture is just a part of who we are.  When we were first married, we often talked about our dream to live and raise our family on a small farm.

Last spring, we started pursuing the dream after finding a house, barn and 7 acres. After much prayer and thought, we realized that wasn’t the best move for our family at that time.

Even though we knew it wasn’t the right time last spring, the dream was still there.

At the beginning of this year, we came across another small farm with a barn and 20 acres. We loved the setting, the house was about 1,700 square feet which would give us a little more room for our family to grow, it was set off the road and was mostly fenced and perfect for livestock.

We felt like the timing was right and submitted an offer. That offer was flat out refused, the owner wouldn’t even counter.

A few weeks later, the seller dropped his agent and started the ‘for sale by owner’ process. We went back to look at the house and met the owner. We felt like this house, land and location was a great fit for our family so we decided to put our home on the market.

Our hope and prayer was that our home would sell quickly and that we could reach a pricing agreement with the seller and move to the farm by spring.

We’ve had a little bit of interest in our home but no serious inquires or offers.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve sensed a need to just wait.

After a conversation we had about feeling like this might not be the right time, while doing my morning Bible study in Psalms, I came across this verse:

“Wait for the Lord;

be courageous and let your heart be strong.

Wait for the Lord.’

Psalm 27:14

We are in a season of waiting. We’re waiting for the dream of owning a small farm.

We are uncertain about how long the wait may be. It may be weeks, it may be months or it could take years. While waiting is not the answer we wanted, we know that we are where we are for a reason. We may not fully understand exactly why we are still in the waiting process but we know there is purpose in the waiting.

We also are content where we are. Yes, the desire to have a farm is still alive but we are living on an acre with plenty of room to grow things! Instead of being complacent because we hope to move soon, we’re starting our garden and getting excited about this growing season. And, if our wait ends up only being a few more months, the new owners of this home will hopefully be blessed by an abundant harvest!

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  1. I'm in a season of waiting too. The boys and I are still living with my parents, and while I'd love to move out tomorrow, they're perfectly content living with grandparents.
    Several times in the last few weeks I've found houses/apartments that would be great for us to rent, but renting isn't the little plot of land with a little house and a carefully paid mortgage my heart desires.
    I keep reminding myself of the dreams I've planned out on paper. That verse is a good one, I'll hold it close as I wait.
    Sending prayers as you wait too– and what a harvest that will be in your garden, for you or for the new owners!

    1. Hi Sidnie!! I'm so glad you commented here and I was able to find you on Instagram! I will be praying for you and your boys as you wait also.

  2. Thank you for this post. We too are in a season of waiting. We moved all the way across the state a little over a year and a half ago and are renting a small 1,000sq ft. home for our family of 4 soon to be 5. We have been looking for a place with acreage and a home so that as our children grow we can have them involved in agriculture as we were growing up. We have found a perfect property with an old home that would need major renovations but were up to the challenge only to have the offer that was submitted prior to ours signed an hour prior to ours getting faxed to the agent. So we continue to wait and be thankful for what we have and that we are able to continue to save for our future farm. Thank you for the verse. I often pray for contentment with our current situation. We too have started our garden starts knowing fully well we may end up moving before the harvest!

    1. So many similarities! It's hard to be so, so close to something and then watch it slip away but we have to hold to the fact that God's plan and timing is better than our own. Praying contentment for you as you wait!

  3. Keep the dream alive, way to go! It will happen when it's meant to, and it seems you have a great perspective on this waiting time. I've also wanted to move my family to the country, but for now I'll have to settle for backyard chickens in our semi-urban subdivision. I'm enjoying exploring your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I can relate so much to this post! We too are waiting on our dream – a modest house with acreage that we can have a nice garden and possibly a wooded portion to have some private hunting land vs the public land we are usually on. It will happen one day!

    In the meantime, we *are* getting out of our apartment! We decided a starter home was the best move for us right now. We need to leave this apartment complex as it is getting a little "shady" as new management does not screen tenants. The police have started making the rounds several times a day through the parking lot and I'd just rather not have my kids here if/when something serious were to happen. Our offer was accepted last week on a 1,200 square foot home on a half acre in a little town just north of where we are now. It's not "the dream" but it is a stepping stone to that dream!

    Enjoy getting your garden going!

  5. I LOVE that you are aware and clinging to the truth that there is PURPOSE in the waiting. For me, it's always really hard to remember that waiting has its purpose.

    We would also love to live outside the city a ways on some land. For some of last year, I thought maybe that dream would be realized this time around. God had something better. The home that we'll move into next weekend is PERFECT for us in nearly every way and the best "next step" for our family for this time.

    I especially love that you're not just sitting still and pouting while waiting. Way to move forward in faith on this (better!) farm, and way to start your garden even in the midst of the uncertainty! Your situation is a great example of blooming where you're planted–you're making the most of where you are right now, but you aren't letting that stop you from pursuing the dream. Way to be! 🙂

    Great perspective and great post! Thanks for sharing your dream with us.

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