When most people think about cloth diapers, they think of the old fashioned diapers with pins and plastic pants. Cloth diapers have evolved and now they can be  as easy to use as disposables – the only difference is you wash them instead of throwing them away.

One of the hardest parts of cloth diapering is just deciding which type works the best for your family and learning the differences between one size diapers and sized diapers as well as about the different types of diapers.


  • One size diapers typically fit babies from around 8 to 35 pounds.
  • Sized diapers come in newborn, small, medium and large sizes with the weight range varying between manufacturers.

Prefolds and Covers

Econobum Prefold and Cover

Cloth diapering using prefolds and covers is the cheapest option. Prefolds are ‘old fashioned diapers’, they are folded and placed inside a cover or can be put around the baby using a diaper fastener called a Snappi (basically a modern diaper pin…but its not a pin!) When baby wets/dirties the diaper, the cover can be wiped out and another prefold placed inside.

The prefold and cover system we use is Econobum.There are a few package deals that make it even more economical such as the Econobum Full Kit which contains 3 covers, 12 prefolds and a wet bag.

We began cloth diapering Paxton with 1 Econobum cover and prefold but increased the stash by 2 more covers and 8 prefolds since I liked this system so much. It’s simple to use and is such an inexpensive way to cloth diaper. I still have the original Econobum cover we purchased and it’s still holding up after two years of use.

I am not a big fan of prefolds and covers with exclusively breastfed babies. The poo tends to explode and it gets all over the cover. I have found using the snappi to fasten the diaper around the baby does cut down on getting the cover messy.

To be continued…

Do you use Prefolds and Covers? I’d love to hear your experiences.

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