Types of Cloth Diapers : Part 2

With so many different types of cloth diapers available these days, one of the hardest parts of cloth diapering is simply deciding what to purchase.

In part one of Types of Cloth Diapers, I shared about diaper sizing as well as prefolds and covers.

More types of cloth diapers:

Hybrid System

Flip Cover and Stay Dry Insert

A hybrid cloth diapering system gives parents several options and they can customize their diapers according to their needs. Hybrid systems include reusable covers and either cloth or disposable inserts. Some popular hybrid systems include gDiapers and Flip.

The hybrid system we own is the Flip system. We have one Flip cover (the Flip cover is a one size), 5 Stay-Dry Inserts and 1 Flip Organic insert. Flip also offers Disposable Inserts but we’ve never used them. Flip covers cost around $13.95 and come in a variety of colors. The stay dry inserts are around $4.95 and the organic insert is $7.95.

Before Paxton arrived and we actually started cloth diapering, we were most excited about the Flip system. Once we started using it, we realized it wasn’t the best solution for us. (If I’m going to place inserts in covers, I’d rather just save money and use inexpensive prefolds!)

I don’t care for the stay dry inserts because they’re not as wide as prefolds and have a tendency to not catch everything thus soiling the cover.

However, if you need a diaper cover, the Flip cover is wonderful! It’s a bit fancier than the Econobum, both in colors and features. I also love the organic insert, it’s soft and very absorptive.

Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers consist of a shell and insert. The insert is stuffed into the pocket of the diaper. Once the diaper is stuffed, it’s as easy to diaper your baby as you would using a disposable! When the diaper is soiled, the whole thing goes into the diaper pail. Pocket diapers are more expensive than prefolds and covers or hybrid systems but they are convenient to use.

The pocket diaper system we prefer is bumGenius which is a one-size pocket diaper. There are snaps on the front of the cover which you use to adjust the rise to small, medium or large. The bumGenius diapers are $17.95 each. This seems like a lot of money for a single diaper but it’s worth the money!

We began cloth diapering with 11 bumGenius  3.0 One-Size and now have 24 of these diapers for our two boys. We love them! (And all 11 of the original ones are still in the rotation!) They are so easy to use, I bring the boys to church in these diapers and leave them with babysitters in them, they really are as easy as disposables to use.

The bumGenius diapers fit Weston when he hit 8 pounds around 2 weeks old! The same diapers are being worn by my now 30 pound, 2-year-old!

Some Other Types of Cloth Diapers

  • All-In-Ones : These diapers have an outer waterproof layer and an absorbent inner layer which are sewn together. These are the easiest diapers to use because there is no stuffing, it’s all right there. One drawback is that all-in-ones typically take longer to dry than other types of diapers.
  • Fitteds : These diapers are sized and are snapped or pinned on baby but also require a cover.
  • Flats : These diapers are large squares of single-layer material. They can be folded many ways to fit your baby and require fastening with either a Snappi or diaper pins and also need a diaper cover.

What types of cloth diapers do you use? And if you use another type of diapers/diaper system, please share about it!

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responses to “Types of Cloth Diapers : Part 2” 9

  1. We use gDiapers with the disposable inserts! It doesn't save us any money – it was purely an environmentally motivated decision. We feel better about throwing away an insert that will biodegrade in a few months vs a disposable diaper that will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years! If we ever get out this apartment we plan to look into cloth!

    We left the kids overnight this weekend and bought some disposables for my parents to use and when I put one on baby Joe before we left I was so tempted to abandon gDiapering and use disposables again! My biggest struggle is getting into the laundry room – whenever I need it it seems someone in the complex has decided to do their wash for a month or something! They just overtake it. I on the other hand do a load a day usually. I just don't feel right about taking over the laundry room! I'm trying to be proactive in making sure we always have clean covers and pouches and not wait until the last minute but with working it is hard sometimes! Jason surprised me and actually did the diaper laundry yesterday while I was at work! It made my day 🙂

    1. I would not be cloth diapering if we had a similar laundry situation! We used community laundry for 2 years while living in campus housing and I cannot imagine cloth diapering with community laundry…I'd frequently go and then have to wait around for a washer and dryer….ugh! But, when you do move to a house with your own laundry you'll feel super spoiled. Even now, 4 years later, I'm still so thankful that my washer and dryer are right here and convenient {when I think about complaining that its in the carport I just remember those community laundry days!} Kudos to you for doing the gDiapering!

  2. We use both g-diapers (made our own inserts from old t-shirts) and fuzzibunzs. We love them both, for very different reasons. I feel like I can really stuff the g-diapers for long naps and nighttime, but love how the fuzzibunzs fit under the clothes better.

      1. Making them was pretty straightforward, but creating a tutorial would be easier than writing a really long reply. I will message you if I get around to it soon!

        1. I understand completely! Send me the link if/when you post…I know how it is as a mama, there are so many things I'd like to do but very few get done! 🙂

        2. Hi there- I saw your post today and was wondering if you were ever able to make the tutorial- I'd love to check it out too!

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