Traveling with Cloth Diapers

When you begin cloth diapering, you typically start at home and then once you get comfortable with it, you try leaving home with cloth diapers. After you’re comfortable with leaving home with your baby in cloth then traveling with cloth diapers is the next step!

We’ve visited our parents and taken a few overnight trips with the boys 100% in cloth and it’s simple. It just requires a bit of planning to have your diaper stash washed and ready to go when you leave.

Traveling with cloth diapers is really easy and saves money!

Do you travel with your cloth diapers?

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  1. I'm afraid to travel for the firs time with our cloth diapers. I don't know what the washing machine situation will be like where we are going, i hope there is access because I usually do a load every other day.

    1. I have only traveled with them to visit family and friends and we took them along on a trip where we stayed in a condo with a washer/dryer! We also have taken them along if we're just staying in a hotel overnight.

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