Food Waste
Eating high quality, nutrient dense foods is a major priority for our family.  We value our food and strive to have almost no food waste.

Here are a few tips for preventing food waste:

  1. Plan your meals based upon the foods that you already have in your fridge, freezer and pantry, placing a high priority on creating meals from the foods (like fresh produce) that will soon spoil if not consumed.
  2. Eat your leftovers.
  3. Have leftover makeovers – creating new meals from boring leftovers!
  4. Freeze foods that you don’t think you’ll consume before they spoil.
  5. Divide leftover casseroles and soups into 1 portion servings and freeze. These are wonderful homemade convenience foods that save money!
  6. Share food with friends and family if you purchased more than you can use.
  7. Serve smaller portions, especially to children. If the initial portion is consumed, you can serve more!
  8. Have a clean out the fridge lunch/dinner. Eat remaining leftovers and produce that needs to be used. These type of meals are fun, especially for kids!

Do you have other tips for preventing food waste




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