Tips for Preventing Food Waste

Food Waste
Eating high quality, nutrient dense foods is a major priority for our family.  We value our food and strive to have almost no food waste.

Here are a few tips for preventing food waste:

  1. Plan your meals based upon the foods that you already have in your fridge, freezer and pantry, placing a high priority on creating meals from the foods (like fresh produce) that will soon spoil if not consumed.
  2. Eat your leftovers.
  3. Have leftover makeovers – creating new meals from boring leftovers!
  4. Freeze foods that you don’t think you’ll consume before they spoil.
  5. Divide leftover casseroles and soups into 1 portion servings and freeze. These are wonderful homemade convenience foods that save money!
  6. Share food with friends and family if you purchased more than you can use.
  7. Serve smaller portions, especially to children. If the initial portion is consumed, you can serve more!
  8. Have a clean out the fridge lunch/dinner. Eat remaining leftovers and produce that needs to be used. These type of meals are fun, especially for kids!

Do you have other tips for preventing food waste


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  1. Store your food/leftovers in clear-sided containers. 🙂 My most frequently forgotten-then-tossed leftovers are the ones in non-see-through containers because I forget that it is leftovers and NOT sour cream (or whatever) like the container appears. I like your pyrex collection, it's on my wish list!

    1. I've found garage sales to have lots of pyrex! And stores like Ross/TJ Maxx have nice pieces that are marked reasonably if they have been separated from the "box set."

  2. I don't like leftovers so try to be disciplined about only cooking small portions. I also find it's better to buy small portions of foods I don't eat a lot even if the cost per 100g is higher. For example, I rarely use cheese. When I need cheese for a recipe it's tempting to buy the huge block because per 100g it's cheaper than the tiny block. I have to remind myself it's a false economy if it's just going to sit in my fridge and rot though!

  3. For our family it works best to be flexable. Not having a meal plan we have to stick to and follow allows us to eat whatever needs to be eaten up that day.

  4. We travel a lot for work but still love to eat at home when in town…it is a difficult balance to have just the correct amount of food in the house and to make sure it won't spoil.Thanks for the tips.

  5. I just found your blog through MoneySavingMom and love it. One thing that just helped me yesterday was it was 5:00 and I had been having a garage sale for two days. I needed to make dinner. I looked to see what I had. I saw frozen shrimp, a jar of artichokes, and some asperagus that needed used up. (I bought it trying to be healthy and had no idea what to do with it) I quickly found a easy recipe. I added a can of diced tomatoes and pasta and it was amazing!!! You can type in the ingredients you have and search for recipes that way!

  6. This is awesome Rachel! Our chickens and compost have me justifying food waste but really we do pretty well. What upsets me the most is buying produce, bringing it home and then realizing in the next 48 (or so) hours that it is BAD! Craziness! And with two little kids I am NOT going all the way back to the grocery store, but I am slowly boycotting large store produce. Each week more and more of our food comes from one of our local farmers markets. Prices are sometimes two, three or four times the big stores BUT the farmers stand behind their produce incredibly well! and its local! and often organic!!!

    1. That's wonderful that you're getting a lot of food from your farmers markets. We don't have a farmers market close but there are some in the surrounding areas and a large on in the city about 25 minutes away. I really need to start shopping the markets and supporting those local farmers! And, yes, it is frustrating to get home with food that's gone bad!

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