Time Budgeting

Through tracking the way I spent my time last week, I was able to use those ‘findings’ to create a time budget.

Steps to creating a time budget:

  1. Start with 24 hours.
  2. Write down the things you have to do and want to do in your 24 hours.
  3. Using your list of tasks/activities, begin assigning the amount of time you want to spend on each.
  4. Be sure to budget some margin time in for yourself. (I really think life would be miserable if it was rigidly scheduled!)
  5. Make sure your budget is balanced, totaling 24 hours.

My time budget:

8 hours sleep

1 hour personal time (Wake up routine/quiet time/shower/dress)

3 hours meal preparation/eating/clean up (This seems like a lot of time but with a baby and toddler, it’s a production!)

2 hours playing/reading/learning/art (Time devoted to them during the day.)

2 hours with John David (Once the boys are in bed, we typically have a solid 2 hours before we go to bed.)

2 hours writing/blogging/working from home

2 hours household tasks (Laundry/washing diapers/stuffing diapers/picking up the house)

4 hours margin (This seems like a lot of time but I’m starting slow towards getting more structured! Plus, I spend about 3.5 to 4 hours nursing a baby in this season of life!)

Total: 24 hours

This is just the budget and the beginning of managing my time better! Now it’s time for me to be disciplined and implement the budget.

Remember to visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking to read about her time budget!

Week 3 Project: Establish a Morning Routine

Using the time budget as a guide, write out a morning routine. Start with your normal wake time (or desired wake time) and create a routine for your mornings. (It could be from the time you wake until you leave for work or until lunch time, whatever you prefer!)


responses to “Time Budgeting” 4

  1. Looks good! I'm excited to try making a time budget myself, although I know in the next five weeks it will be changing drastically ( or maybe not?) depending on this new baby!

    Thanks for giving yours as an example – very helpful and seems realistic.

  2. I can see how time budgeting would help keep you focused on what you want to be spending your time on vs the things that suck up time, like logging into Facebook and zoning out for far longer than you'd like! My work schedule is switching just a touch next week and I think once it does I may track my time as well and see what I can do to get myself to bed a little earlier! In fact, even if my work schedule wasn't changing at all I could sure use a bit more sleep and I bet there are opportunities within my day that would allow it – I just have to find them!

    1. Facebook is such a time waster!!! It's not an important part of my life yet I get on there…I'm trying to cut back my use! And, I'm really wanting to implement and stick to this time budget, I need 8 hours of sleep!

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