The Happy Ending to My Spending Mistake

{Part 1: My $88 Spending Mistake}

Spending $88 on a sling I only wore twice was frustrating to me. Every time I’d look at the sling, I’d think of the money I had wasted.

I tried selling it but without luck.

Once Weston hit 18 pounds, carrying him in our Baby K’tan for long periods of time was becoming uncomfortable but wearing him was necessary since it allowed me to easily do things by myself with both children.

We needed a structured carrier. I began reading about soft structured carriers and narrowed it down to two brands and types of carrier that I thought would work best. The carriers that I wanted were both over $115 new and they weren’t much cheaper purchasing them used.

I didn’t set my heart on a specific carrier and color that I had to have and then search for it with all of my spare time (you know how you can get consumed when you want something…consumerism!) Instead, I decided to patiently look and be content with the carrier that I had for the time being. 

I also knew I had to sell the sling to help pay for a new carrier.

Since I hadn’t had any luck selling locally, I joined a babywearing sell/swap group. I was planning on posting the sling for sale there and hoping to get somewhere between $70 and $85 for it (and combine that money with money from selling a few more baby items to purchase a new carrier!) A couple of days after joining the group, I found a post of a like new Ergo, the selling price was $85 but the mama was open to swaps.

I sent her a message about the ring sling. Turns out her baby (who was just 3 days older than Weston) hated the Ergo but liked ring slings.

We decided to do an even swap, each of us sending our expensive but unworn and like new carriers to the other.

A few days later, I received our ‘new to us’ Ergo (and it is a real one…beware of counterfeit Ergos)! It was comfortable on me and Weston was content in it.  The best part, it cost less than $7  (the cost to ship the old sling!)

Our Ergo is not the color I would have picked but that’s a superficial thing, it’s a comfortable structured carrier and is exactly what we needed.

My spending mistake has a happy ending (and the frugal side of me loves the happy ending in this story!)

*I liked the Ergo but wasn’t 100% comfortable wearing it. I ended up selling it for $75 and found a Boba at a local discount store for $70!

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  1. Yay! That IS a happy ending!! What a fantastic idea to look for and find the swap site and to find someone who was looking for just what you had!!!

    1. I love this carrier! It is so comfortable. Definitely a useful 'splurge'. Of course if you sell unnecessary baby stuff and buy used (which is what I was going to do!) it's not too big of an expense!

  2. What a great ending! I am glad to hear that you were able to find something that works for you! I have heard really great things about Ergos and from your picture it looks so comfortable!

  3. Could you do a blog post on what you do spend money on or on things you don't do without? Like what do you consider to be household investments? I know you refurbished your chicken coop, invested in quality cloth diapers, etc. I'm curious to see how you handle things like car/medical/health/dental/vision insurance, home repairs, maybe kitchen appliances (like a blender or quality cookware), or everyday things you use that you consider "worth an investment" so you spend more wisely so you spend less overall? I live a very frugal lifestyle, but there are some things I know I'd like to get your feedback on on what you consider key investments.

    1. I'm going to work on a post to answer this more in depth. Hopefully I'll have it up in the next couple of weeks. To give you a quick answer, we're definitely 'quality over quantity' people. We also are very careful with our spending, typically first trying to purchase things used before searching new. One example, we purchase Mac computers because we believe they last longer but my laptop was a refurbished one which saved some money!

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