The Fourth is Coming

We’ll be welcoming our fourth baby this May! We’re excited and can hardly believe we just have a little over 3 months to go!

Cecilia is thrilled to become a big sister! She’s such a good little mama to her baby dolls.

This is a picture of our littlest from January 6 when we had our anatomy scan. We did not find out the gender and are looking forward to our surprise when baby arrives!

This is my 24 week belly on January 29.

I’m learning with each baby we have how little babies really need. I purchased a few new cloth diapers for this baby (we have a decent size stash of diapers from Cecilia) and we need to purchase a new car seat (planning to buy Cecilia a new one and let the baby use her current convertible seat.) I have a minimal gender neutral newborn wardrobe that was Cecilia’s and have managed to thrift a few muslin swaddles over the past few months. At this point, we pretty much need some newborn disposable diapers and a Rock N Play for the baby to sleep in for the first few weeks/months and we’ll be all ready to welcome baby number 4.

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  1. Yay!!! That is so awesome!!! Congratulations!

    I’m with you! By third or more you know what little you need. It keeps chaos and laundry manageable/managed.

    Thank you for sharing your journey

  2. Congratulations on the new baby coming. I thought I was subscribed to you blog but apparently I am not. I did subscribe today as I always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Congratulations!! I've been following your blogs since way back when you and JD were still in college and I had a newborn..(I know have two little ones)….how far we've come! Love, Jackie, NYC

  4. Congratulations on you new little one! How exciting! Your daughter looks SO excited – that's a great photo.

    Please check the expiration date on your car seat before handing it down. Yes, they do expire, as the plastic becomes brittle over time and can cause shards much like glass if involved in an accident. It doesn't have to look brittle to be dangerous. The expiration date should be on the stickers on the seat itself.

    Enjoy preparing for your new little one.

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