Enjoying Each Season of Motherhood

Enjoying Each Season of Motherhood

“My baby is growing up.”

These words weren’t uttered for the first time when he started crawling or on his first birthday. Instead, they were said on the way home from the hospital. He was just one day old!

I spent the first few months of his life sad.

I was sad he was growing, sad he wasn’t a newborn and sad he wasn’t going to stay a baby forever.

Once I realized mourning the past was keeping me from enjoying the present, I began fervently praying about the issue.

I prayed that God would allow me to be content with the season of life I was in, that He would take away the overwhelming sadness that my baby was growing too fast and that I would have joy throughout the years as my children grew.

My heart began to change.

I enjoyed my son in each and every stage instead of looking back on those early days with such longing.

I realized how blessed I am. How selfish it was of me to not want him to grow.

I thought about mamas who have never seen their child because of a miscarriage and mamas who held their stillborn baby only once. They would give anything to watch their babies grow.

I thought about the mamas who have a child diagnosed with cancer who just pray they can see their child grow up to graduate high school or get married.

I also thought of the women dealing with the grief of infertility, praying and hoping they’ll one day be blessed with a child they can watch grow.

How can I mourn my child growing when it is such a blessing that he is growing? Why should I allow the natural and beautiful process of a child growing to bring me sadness?

God really didn’t give us our children, he’s lending them to us for awhile as they grow. We are to raise them and train them to become independent men and women.

When my second and third babies were born, I cherished the moments, knowing the newborn days pass quickly. Those days passed but they were without sadness.

I am enjoying my children just as they are each and every day. 

We cannot slow time down but we can slow down.

We can decide to live in the moment, choose to be joyful about our children growing and enjoy each season of motherhood.

Glimpses into Our Life

This space was quiet all last week as I took an unplanned blogging break. I scaled back on time spent connected to devices and focused on connecting with my littlest man while his big brother spent a week away.

Here’s a glimpse into a bit of our life from the past two weeks:
Building Towers

One afternoon while Weston was napping, Paxton and I had a block building party!  He was quite proud of his creations and I had a blast building with him.

Too often I’m guilty of sharing just the lovely things of life. This is reality. I spent about 10 minutes tidying up a hall closet and turned around to this mess. They had worked together to pull down every one of the children’s books on the bookcase in our room. Of course, it wasn’t too hard to pick up and I was thankful they were having fun playing together.

On March 2, we left Paxton in East Tennessee to stay the week with his Mimi and Papaw. He wasn’t a bit sad about us leaving but he wanted his brother to stay with him!

Happy Birthday

I turned 26 on March 4. I had a lovely birthday, John David and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant (where he snapped this birthday picture) while a friend watched Weston for us! Time alone with hubby plus a yummy dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday (better than presents!)

I spent all last week soaking up some one on one time with my littlest. It was fun to just interact with him. 1-year-olds are so much fun! He’s at an age where he’s learning so much. Just over the past week or so his vocabulary has exploded and he’s saying several words other than mama and dada. Some of the words he says are tickle, cup (cu), ball (ba), car, hi, bye, book (boo), block (bla) and cheese (ch).

Snuggling Weston

I also had the luxury of just sitting and snuggling him more than normal. Oh, how I love snuggling my boys!

Sweet Sleeping BabyAnd, I love looking at sleeping babies. So, so precious.

We met John David’s dad in Knoxville on Friday and retrieved our big boy. After a week without him, we were quickly reminded of the life (and noise) that he brings to our family. He just chatted away nearly half of our ride back home and we enjoyed talking with him!

I’m looking forward to the coming week, getting back into our normal rhythm with everybody together again and our event free week ahead!

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