Applying the Montessori Method at Home


A few weeks back, I came across How We Montessori. It’s a blog about incorporating the Montessori Method at home. I had heard of the Montessori Method and basically thought of it as allowing children to play by imitating things in real life (like play sweeping, cooking, etc.) However, it’s much more than that!

As I was reading through the blog and learning more about this method of education, I realized that it’s right in line with our parenting philosophy.

Montessori supports adapting the environment to match children’s interests and needs. When Paxton was very young we noticed that he had a love for music. We decided to purposely foster this love by making sure he had musical instruments as toys, exposing him to real instruments and to different genres of music.

Young children also have a need for order. A Montessori approach is making sure you have a ‘place for everything and everything in its place.’ We’ve always kept Paxton’s room neat and tidy and all of his toys have a specific place that they go. When he turned 1, we started involving him in the process of cleaning his room and putting everything back where it belongs. Now, he definitely knows where each and everything goes and most nights he picks up his toys by himself when we ask him to. (Of course he is a 21-month-old and many nights we deal with his strong will and a few tantrums during clean up!)

We started researching more about Montessori and are convinced it’s an excellent approach, we want to make learning constant, practical and fun for our children!

Here are some ways we’ve started applying the Montessori Method at home:

  • We purchased a wooden kitchen for Paxton. (It was $18.99 at our local resale store, purchased with store credit!) We’re storing his dishes in his kitchen and of course he’s playing like he’s cooking and washing dishes!
  • We moved his clothes to the bottom two dresser drawers so he can be more involved in picking his clothes out.
  • We’re paying more attention to his desire to help. When he drags a stool over the the sink while I’m washing dishes, I’m allowing him to ‘help’ even though it means more time and more work for mama!
  • We’re beginning to let him help with some cooking. Right now that’s just been stirring {tea, brownie/cornbread batter, etc.} and washing potatoes.

As of right now, we’re still researching more and finding small ways to incorporate this lifestyle of learning into our lives. We’re making small changes as we find things we want to apply in our home.

Have you heard of Montessori? Do you agree with the philosophy? Have you or your children attended Montessori School?