Home Tour :: Kitchen

Now that we’ve lived here almost a year, I have taken pictures of our kitchen! (Remember, for these home tour posts, I tidy up! It rarely looks this neat and clean!)

This is the view of the kitchen from the living room. The kitchen is visible from the front door. In fact, as soon as you walk in, the first thing you notice is not the living room, it’s the kitchen. That serves as a bit of motivation to keep it somewhat tidy most of the time!

When we were looking at the house, we really didn’t like the kitchen. Before we even made an offer, we were thinking of ways to open it up and make it bigger and wanted to begin a mini kitchen renovation right after we moved in. Instead, we decided to give the kitchen a chance and see if we liked it before we invested money into a renovation.

After a few weeks, we realized we really liked our kitchen. It’s small but we don’t have a ton of dishes and cookware so storage really wasn’t an issue. There’s not much counter space but keeping the counters clutter free gives us plenty of prep space.

The left side of the kitchen. The small cabinet is our pantry, it looks tiny but it holds quite a bit of food. The cabinet above it contains our cups and Pyrex storage bowls.

I spend quite a bit of time here washing dishes. I actually enjoy hand washing dishes, it’s relaxing to me! My dishwasher is basically a large drying rack! (We run it every few weeks just to keep it going and also when we have company or if I’m not in the hand washing mood!) The drawers on the left contain silverware, kitchen gadgets, dish cloths/towels and the bottom one is Paxton’s drawer.

The right side of the kitchen is the prep and cooking space. That little bitty counter is where I do just about everything. (I suppose it’s a good thing that our first little apartment had a teeny kitchen! I learned then how to make the most of a small space.) The fact that John David and I can peacefully cook together in this small kitchen is quite amazing. (We had a 1 person in the kitchen rule in our apartment.)

This is probably my favorite view of the kitchen due to the chalkboard wall! We painted this a few months back and we’re having so much fun with it. This wall typically is covered in letters, numbers, names and lots of toddler scribbles. It’s always something new and different!

As you can see, the oven is very small. This was another thing we didn’t like but we’ve not had a single instance where we couldn’t fit something in there! And the cabinet above the oven holds the microwave. The unsightly microwave is hidden away and isn’t taking up precious counter space!

It’s far from the kitchen I dreamed of a few years ago but quite honestly a large kitchen would just be a huge waste of space for us since we don’t have a bunch of stuff. Our small kitchen is a wonderful kitchen.