Backyard Chickens

When you’re raised on a farm, you never forget that lifestyle (and the fresh foods!) John David and I were both raised on farms and our dream is owning a sustainable farm. Purchasing even a small farm is out of our budget at this point and John David really loves his job so we’re content on our acre of land.

Having an acre in a fairly rural area gives us the ability and space to have a garden and backyard chickens!

Two months ago we starting talking seriously about getting a few chickens. A few weeks later, John David fixed up a chicken coop and last Tuesday, we purchased 4 Buff Orpington hens!

We found our hens about 30 minutes away. We were so excited when we brought them home and could finally put them in their coop! Paxton really likes the ‘chins.’ He also calls them ‘bock bocks!’

By the time we got all of the hens settled into their new home with food and water, it was dark so Paxton peeped into the coop using daddy’s flashlight.

Buff Orpington Hens

Two of our beautiful girls. We haven’t named them at this point, I’m still trying to decide if we should. Since they all look the same, it’d be hard to tell them apart just at a glance. I also don’t know if it’s wise to name and get attached to a food source!

Hens in Nesting Boxes

The other two girls in their nesting boxes.

Fresh Eggs

Two of the three eggs we’ve gotten so far. We used one of the eggs in our cornbread this weekend and we were amazed at the rich color of the egg yolk.

We’re excited about having fresh, local eggs from chickens in our very own backyard!

I’ll soon share pictures of our chicken coop and the cost of our chickens and supplies. 

Do you have backyard chickens? Do you want a few backyard chickens?

Planning Our Garden

The unseasonably warm weather has us looking forward to spring and our garden! When we purchased our home last March, we were more excited about our yard than we were the house. We have one acre with a fenced in backyard and ample room for gardening.

We spent quite a bit of time planning a garden last spring. We bought supplies for four raised beds and only built one. That’s as far as we got. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant with our second baby and soon after morning sickness followed and the garden was abandoned.

This year is going to be different. We’re already making plans and looking forward to gardening as a family and fresh vegetables!

Here’s our garden space:

The garden as of yesterday. Nothing much to look at, there’s one raised bed and that’s it.

The one bed that was built last year. We’re going to be getting the weeds and last years dead plants out and adding more soil!

We purchased this barrel via Craigslist for $10. John David has plans for it, I’m not quite sure exactly what he’s going to do with it (he has the mechanical mind!) The plan it to put this out in the garden space, although we’re not sure where exactly it will go.

As we work in the garden, I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Are you looking forward to spring time and gardening? Do you do raised beds, a traditional garden or use some other method?