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This space was quiet all last week as I took an unplanned blogging break. I scaled back on time spent connected to devices and focused on connecting with my littlest man while his big brother spent a week away.

Here’s a glimpse into a bit of our life from the past two weeks:
Building Towers

One afternoon while Weston was napping, Paxton and I had a block building party!  He was quite proud of his creations and I had a blast building with him.

Too often I’m guilty of sharing just the lovely things of life. This is reality. I spent about 10 minutes tidying up a hall closet and turned around to this mess. They had worked together to pull down every one of the children’s books on the bookcase in our room. Of course, it wasn’t too hard to pick up and I was thankful they were having fun playing together.

On March 2, we left Paxton in East Tennessee to stay the week with his Mimi and Papaw. He wasn’t a bit sad about us leaving but he wanted his brother to stay with him!

Happy Birthday

I turned 26 on March 4. I had a lovely birthday, John David and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant (where he snapped this birthday picture) while a friend watched Weston for us! Time alone with hubby plus a yummy dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday (better than presents!)

I spent all last week soaking up some one on one time with my littlest. It was fun to just interact with him. 1-year-olds are so much fun! He’s at an age where he’s learning so much. Just over the past week or so his vocabulary has exploded and he’s saying several words other than mama and dada. Some of the words he says are tickle, cup (cu), ball (ba), car, hi, bye, book (boo), block (bla) and cheese (ch).

Snuggling Weston

I also had the luxury of just sitting and snuggling him more than normal. Oh, how I love snuggling my boys!

Sweet Sleeping BabyAnd, I love looking at sleeping babies. So, so precious.

We met John David’s dad in Knoxville on Friday and retrieved our big boy. After a week without him, we were quickly reminded of the life (and noise) that he brings to our family. He just chatted away nearly half of our ride back home and we enjoyed talking with him!

I’m looking forward to the coming week, getting back into our normal rhythm with everybody together again and our event free week ahead!

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It is my plan to start sharing a more personal post each week, giving you a glimpse into how we live an intentionally simple life. I’ll be sharing a photos of the boys, glimpses into our home/routines, updates on raising produce/chickens and more.

A glimpse into last week:

Snack Time

Last week we moved the little table back into the dining room. Back in December, we rearranged rooms and put it in Weston’s room, it was rarely used in there. We moved it back and already it’s been used almost daily for snacks and art time. Little Weston looks like such a big boy sitting at a table!

Baby Chicks

Our baby chicks are growing. Their wing feathers are really developing, it has been fun watching them change almost daily.

Clearing Brush

We’ve made quite a bit of progress on clearing the brush between the fences since last week. John David has taken off a few trailer loads of brush already and the space is looking great. (The trailer was borrowed, so thankful for friends who let us borrow big items so we don’t have to rent/purchase them!)

Floor Bed

John David’s dad came to visit this weekend and help with a project. Since rearranging the boys rooms, our former guest bed is now Paxton’s bed. Whenever we have guests, Paxton gets to sleep on a floor bed. He loves having guests not only because it’s exciting having family/friends in our home but also because he gets to sleep in his ‘little bed’. We typically place his bed in our bedroom floor, right beside the bookshelf which holds the majority of our children’s books, the little bookworm loves sleeping beside the bookshelf.

Not much work was done outside during the week, but once Friday arrived we got to work. Friday was beautiful and I was able to get outside and do some planting. (The rest of the weekend was chilly, so I stayed inside with Weston!)
Strawberry Plants
We purchased a few more strawberry plants and now the raised bed lining our sidewalk is full of strawberries.

Planting Onions

We also purchased some onion sets and got them in the ground. Since snapping this photo, the bed has been covered in a wood chip mulch/compost mixture, we recently watched the documentary Back to Eden and are applying some of the concepts shared in that film in our garden.

(The wooden dividers are in the bed to help us mark off the squares for our square foot gardening. I’m simply using them as a planting grid to keep things even!)

The big project of the weekend, and the reason Papaw came to visit, was building a chicken coop.

The men (including Paxton), started building on Friday morning and by Sunday afternoon were 90% finished. The coop was constructed using salvaged/reclaimed wood and materials (except for a box of new nails!)

Brothers in the Chicken Coop

The boys enjoyed playing in the new coop. I’m sure it will be a fun place space for them until our hens move in!Boreing MenOur new chicken coop and the 3 generations who built it together. (I plan to share more details on the materials/construction of the coop soon!)

And, my husband is one talented man, he designed this coop and then was able to build it.

That’s a glimpse into life last week!

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