I’m thrilled to share with you this week that I’ve been successful in creating a daily routine! I shared the simple routine last week which is structured but with ample free time for life with a toddler and nursing baby. I definitely feel following this routine and having a consistent rest time for Paxton has made our week flow smoother. As far as my morning routine goes, I’m still not waking at 6:45 but I’m taking baby steps towards waking earlier.

This week we’re shifting gears from time management to the kitchen. 

When I was first married until I was pregnant with Paxton, I was super organized in the kitchen. I always meal planned, rarely asked the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question, packed my husband lunch every day and loved baking to share with others.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve honestly just been surviving in the kitchen. I’ll meal plan for a week or two in a row but not consistently. I forget to thaw meat out, I wait until 6:00 to think about dinner typically (not good with a hungry toddler) and I bring sweet tea to gatherings instead of food! Let’s just say, it can be quite chaotic and we eat out more frequently.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be streamlining in the kitchen. 

I hope to accomplish the following:

  • Getting rid of all the clutter in the kitchen
  • Thoroughly cleaning the kitchen
  • Creating a simple menu planning system
  • Simplifying breakfast and lunch
  • Begin freezer cooking

 Week 6 Project: Declutter and clean your kitchen.

It’s hard to be organized when it comes to meal planning and food preparation when your kitchen is cluttered and dirty. Over the course of this week, clear the clutter out of the kitchen, clean out the fridge, shine your sink, clean out your microwave (and clean anything else that needs it!)

 Visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking to read about her goals for the coming weeks!

Any kitchen management tips you have to share? Do you have a system that works and makes meal preparation simple?



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