Streamlining Breakfast and Lunch

When it comes to preparing breakfast and lunch, I’ve been struggling. There has been no plan whatsoever (and honestly, it’s been like this for years)!

I am not a breakfast skipper, I believe it’s important to eat breakfast however I never have planned what we’re eating for breakfast. We typically eat fruit, yogurt, granola, snacks and sometimes even leftovers. Paxton wakes up every morning and wants breakfast. Of course those mornings when he does eat a hearty breakfast (like 4 eggs!), he doesn’t whine for snacks all morning so its worth the extra effort to prepare a filling breakfast each morning.

I shared last week that I’ve made a meal plan that I’m repeating every 2 weeks. (This has been working wonderfully!) I’m following a similar plan when it comes to breakfast. I’ve planned a week of breakfasts and I’m simply repeating that every week.

Here’s our breakfast plan:

Monday – Omelets
Tuesday –  Yogurt and Granola
Wednesday –  Chicken Biscuits
Thursday – Eggs and Bacon with Yogurt and Granola
Friday – Pork and Hashbrown Casserole
Saturday – Pork and Hashbrown Casserole
Sunday – Omelets

After a couple of weeks of following this breakfast plan, it’s working quite well for our family. It’s easy to prepare breakfast each morning because I have a plan to follow.

Lunch is always a crazy time at our house. It seems like I can never get breakfast on the table fast enough, somebody is always crying at the table and I’m shoving food in my mouth because I’m hungry but don’t have much time to eat!

Simplicity is the key for lunch preparation.

Lunch preparation tips:

  • Intentionally prepare enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Heating up leftovers is so easy!
  • Have a few simple lunch plans and keep the ingredients stocked. Our favorite simple lunch is cheese quesadillas so I always have cheese and tortillas on hand.
  • Serve a snack lunch. Just serve up a variety of foods. A typical snack lunch for us is apple slices, cheese cubes, peanuts, dried fruit and pickles. Paxton loves snack lunches!
  • Let your child pick what’s for lunch! Some days I’ll let Paxton pick out what he wants us to eat. The result is typically a snack lunch since he loves cheese, dried fruits and pickles. As the boys grow, I’ll probably use this tactic more, letting them prepare simple lunches for themselves!

Week 10 Project: Decluttering

We’re switching gears from the kitchen to the rest of the house. This week’s project is decluttering. I’ll be going through each room in my home over the next week and getting rid of clutter.

Remember to visit Covenant Homemaking to see how Mary Jo is streamlining breakfast and lunch.

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  1. Love the plan for breakfast. I too struggle with breakfasts. I may have to come up with an easy breakfast that just repeats and still has variety each week.
    Lunches are hard too. We usually have snack lunches as Nyla is just now starting to eat other foods. I usually have leftovers from dinner but only enough for Daniel and sometimes me. I'll have to think a little harder about lunches for us. Such great tips!

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