There is so much beauty in the everyday.

In this season of life, mothering two small boys, I remind myself daily to soak up the everyday things that happen in our home and look for the beauty in the midst of the tears, tantrums and dirty diapers.

Everyday things really are worth noting.

Lately Paxton has really wanted to be a little helper.  The past few weeks, he’s been dragging his stool over to the sink almost every night as I wash dishes. With him by my side, it takes about twice as long and can be quite frustrating since he just wants to play in the water.  I tell myself over and over “love is patient” and remember that he wants to be there with me, helping me.

One night this week, as my husband was putting dishes away, Paxton started helping. He brought his stool over to the flatware drawer and began making trips from the dishwasher to the drawer, putting the flatware away. First of all, it was adorable! More importantly, he was actually helping and learning!

He’s learning to help out as a member of our family and putting the flatware away is a real life sorting skill. We were impressed with his sorting abilities, he didn’t get everything correct and the drawer looked a bit sloppy but our two-year-old put the flatware away!

One evening, while I was cooking dinner, Paxton came into the kitchen with a book. He had just read it with his daddy but wanted to read it with me. Instead of brushing him off because I was ‘busy,’ I sat down in the kitchen floor (and he made himself quite cozy on the floor) and we read through the book probably 3 times.

We made animal noises, I laughed at the fact he called the cattails in the book carrots and I just enjoyed reading with my boy. I would have missed out on that if I was more concerned about getting dinner on the table 5 minutes faster. 

Paxton loves music. His favorite toys are his instruments. Almost daily, we’re having concerts or family jam sessions. It’s not always what we want to do at the time but we always have fun once we ‘join the band’ with Paxton! 

The most recent family jamming resulted in Weston playing the drum! Paxton gave him the sticks, John David helped him a little and then he started doing a little drumming all on his own!

Everyday things like this really are what memories are made of!

Do you look for the beauty of the everyday? 

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