Utilizing your freezer can save time and money. Before my boys were born, I regularly had freezer cooking days, I would spend several hours in the kitchen and stock my freezer with all kinds of foods to save time in daily meal preparation. Now that I have two small children, it’s difficult to devote even 2 hours in the kitchen but having prepared foods in the freezer makes meal preparation so much simpler!

Devoting hours in the kitchen is difficult but spending a few extra minutes while I’m already in the kitchen to prepare something to freeze or simply doubling a recipe isn’t too much work.

This week, my goal was to put something in the freezer each weekday. I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could accomplish this but it was much easier than I expected.

Here’s what’s I froze this week:

Monday – Pizza dough (I’ll defrost this, let it rise and then assemble a pizza.)

Tuesday – White beans (I froze 4 quarts of beans!)

Wednesday – Black beans (I froze six 1/2 cup portions for Bean & Cheese Quesadillas.)

Thursday – Shredded chicken (for Buffalo Chicken Dip) and individually frozen chicken breasts in biscuit size portions for breakfasts.

It was definitely worth the extra minutes it took to prepare these foods and now I have ingredients to help make a few simple meals.

Week 8 Project: Meal Planning

Meal planning saves both time and money (as well as your sanity!) Next week’s project is meal planning. I’ve been meal planning off and on lately but my plan is to come up with a 2 week meal plan to repeat. It sounds boring but we end up eating the same foods every week or two anyway so I know this will help my sanity!

Did you freeze anything this week? 

Be sure to visit Mary Jo at Covenant Homemaking to see what she stocked her freezer with this week!



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