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For the past year we have embraced rational minimalism. Even though we’re careful of what comes into our home, we still have two children and children tend to accumulate stuff. I am constantly ‘lightly decluttering’ but every couple of months, I intentionally go through our home and thoroughly declutter.

After Christmas, I went through toys and minimized them (children play so much better with fewer toys!) I didn’t even tackle the clothing then but with a 2-month-old who is quickly outgrowing clothing, it was time to do some cleaning out and organizing.


The dresser typically never looks like this but I used the pile of clothing and other items on the top to actually help me get going with my de-cluttering! We had been out of town for the weekend and as I was doing laundry, I was just piling up the clean clothes on the dresser.

I realized that I could ignore all of those items in those piles since they were all things that had been worn just that weekend which meant they’re items we love and use! The rest of the items in the drawers and in the closet were what needed to be scrutinized! (And once I went through everything, I put these things back where they belonged!)


A large pile of boy clothes to go ranging from newborn to 24 months! My 22-month-old had over 25 tops (that’s ridiculous!) I got rid of the ones I knew he didn’t wear much but once we pack up his winter clothing, I’m going to reduce that number dramatically, there’s no need in saving that many items for little brother!

Most of the de-cluttered items were added into the ‘resale tote’. We have a local resale store that I sell the boys’ outgrown clothing to for store credit and occasionally cash. Every time I declutter, items that are fairly new and in good condition go into this tote, the rest are donated. Once I bring the items to the resale store, the items that are not  purchased will be passed along to friends at church or donated.

Of course, it’s just the beginning of March and still quite cool in Georgia. The boys’ will be wearing long sleeve shirts and pants for another month or two still. Once the weather finally warms up, I’ll be going back through their clothes again and doing a very thorough purging.

My older son’s clothes will be pared down and I’ll only keep my favorite items that are in good condition for little brother. The items that are in good condition will be placed in the resale tote and the rest will be donated. With my 2-month-old, I’ll be even more selective since we aren’t planning on having another baby anytime soon and then we’re not guaranteed to have another boy so I think it’s unnecessary to hold on to a bunch of baby clothes.

How often do you declutter? 


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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I admire you for using cloth diapers, and wish I was able to do so as well. That being said, I de-clutter every time I have an empty Diaper Box (which is about 1-2 times a month) I usually fill it up with unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, and little things around the house. As I am embracing my own journey of simplifying it is getting harder to fill the boxes but they do get filled! I also de-cluttered my jewelry box. I sold a handful of gold and got $1600 for it!! I just wrote a blog post on selling unwanted gold.

    You are an inspiration!

    1. That's a great idea using the diaper boxes to declutter with! And wow…that's awesome about the gold!! If I had any jewelry that was worth anything, I'd totally do that! 🙂

  2. Every time I read your blog I get more inspired to clean house!
    I have been going through Nyla's 18 and 24 month clothes to save for Naomi and she has WAY too many so I'm paring down as you've been doing. We also have a local kid's consignment store that buy clothes as well so I just filled up one large tub to take next week and I have more to come!!
    It will feel good to get rid of excess kid's clothing and make money in the process! That is win-win all around!!!!

  3. Great idea! Each time I go to our local kids resale shop I have little luck – like offering me 13 cents for a shirt! I would rather donate it! We have a tote full of girl 0-12 month clothes and a baby on the way. I need to look through and decide what I want/need if we have another girl. We also have been accumulating boy clothes (since Rita was a "surprise" baby) and those need to be sorted through too. Hoping to fill a tupperware full and have great success at the resale shop this time around.

    Overall, I declutter on a small scale, once every two weeks. Large scale is more like every three/four months.

    After baby # two we are going to be NFP "ninjas" haha and hopefully postpone our third child until our financial house is in supreme order. We have health insurance goals, saving goals and debt free goals that once achieved would help our two children and any additionals to have a more simple and stable upbringing. But we hope God blesses us with many children as we prudently and patiently discern and discover what Pope John Paul II coined "responsible parenthood."

    1. If we lived closer, I would be your baby boy clothing source!! 🙂 Our decluttering 'process' is very similar! I also frequently declutter a little here and there so it never gets really overwhelming and then every few months do a deep purging! Do you do NFP?? Do you recommend any books for NFP while breastfeeding?

      1. Thanks Rachel! Sweet thought 🙂 We do declutter similarly! So cool.

        We do use NFP! We LOVE NFP. It brings us out of the depths of selfishness into "lovie"ness. We used NFP to postpone pregnancy for eight months and then stopped following guidelines. Two months later we conceived Rita (praise the Lord). We used NFP for one month postpartum to postpone pregnancy and then tried for two months, conceiving (praise the Lord again!) in the second month.

        Couple to Couple League (CCL) publishes a postpartum NFP guide that is supposed to be quite helpful. It is titled: The Art of Natural Family Planning Postpartum Guide. It sells for $24.95 (I'm not affiliated/endorsed by CCL).
        Here is the website:
        It is the second item listed. It has a couple and their baby on the cover.

        We did not purchase this after Rita because we were called to another child so soon, but we will be ordering this book in a few months to prepare for after our second baby arrives; hoping this is helpful!(

        1. I was recommended CCL by another friend and was looking to buy that exact book. I think I'm just going to buy it…finally!! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi! If you are learning NFP I actually have a cousin (can you tell I am from Louisiana??) who teaches online classes! I highly suggest that if you are starting off. We attended group classes (10+ couples) and it was so many people. Online classes are much more intimate, fit your schedule and are apparently a lot of fun!

  4. Rachel,
    In the picture of the dresser there is a bag on top. Is it a bag from thirty-one? I am looking to get a new bag and am going to do it through this company and if it is a thirty one bag, could you tell me which version/model it is? It looks like the perfect size for what I need! Thanks.

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