Does the ‘perfect planner’ exist? Every December, I begin my quest for the ‘perfect planner’ to get the new year off on a good start! I’ve yet to find one that I really truly loved so I customize simple day planners.

Even though I’m a stay at home mama, a day planner is necessary to keep up with appointments, events and my husband’s work schedule as well as my list of goals and a daily to do list. I like having everything in one spot, it makes me feel more organized.

The past two years, I’ve purchased an inexpensive (we’re talking less than $5) day planner and customized it to fit my needs.

My 2012 planner has a month at a glance page featuring a calendar of the entire month followed pages breaking the month down in weeks. On the first week of the year, I wrote my 2012 goals down so I’d have them at the very front of my planner. At the back, in the notes section, I wrote in:

  • Things to do at the beginning of each month. (Such as pay mortgage, change contacts and back up pictures.)
  • Chore schedule.
  • Donations list. (Keeping track of what we donate, when and where for tax purposes!)
  • Home to do list. (Those bigger projects I’d like to do such as a decor plan for the dining room!)
  • A list of books I’d like to read.

On the weekly planning pages, at the top, I write any events scheduled for the day and if I have a blog post scheduled (like the Minimal Child’s Wardrobe post on March 26.)

At the bottom of the day, I write my ‘six list’. (I was introduced to this by reading Sarah Mae’s 31 Days to Clean months ago.)The premise of the ‘six list’ is you write down the six things (no more!) you want to get done that day and then you go through the list in order completing each task. Honestly, this small to-do list has revolutionized my home and time management!

My planner was inexpensive, it’s small and contains all of the information that I need and keeps me organized.

Do you have small planner, an elaborate planner, a digital planner or no planner? What are the essentials for your ‘perfect planner’?



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