September at Our Home

The months are just flying by it seems! I’m doing my best to just savor the everyday with these 3 sweet little ones of mine because they are growing so quickly.

Here are some highlights from the month of September:

We started ‘school’ on September 2. We’re currently using the Sonlight P3/4 reading list and activities for our planned learning. Here’s a post about the Sonlight Curriculum: Choosing Preschool Curriculum

Our philosophy on preschool learning is lots and lots of reading, fun activities, following the child’s interest and a lot of outdoor play. We’re not focusing on ‘academics’ but we’re making learning fun and we’re amazed at how much they’re soaking up.

We read 1-3 stories from our Sonlight P3/4 books and do some type of related activity. We also read a Bible story a day from My First Hands-On Bible. (This Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible are our favorites!)

Our library has story time once a week. The children’s librarian reads 2-3 stories, has an game or activity that goes along with the stories and sings a song. We’ve been attending that pretty regularly so the boys can be around other kids their age and be read to and taught by someone else. We all enjoy our library days and picking out stacks of books to read. (We really love reading around here!!)

First Day Pre-K
Paxton was just a little excited about his first day of Pre-K!

First Day Preschool
I’m letting Weston join in the learning fun! That’s the beauty of Sonlight, it works for multiple ages. While I wasn’t doing anything formalish for Paxton at this age, I’m letting Weston join along with Paxton’s learning. He has an amazing attention span for a 2.5 year old little boy and is learning so much too.
When I had the camera out snapping the first day pictures, they wanted me to take pictures of them! Of course I said yes. Love this loving shot.

Sweet Brothers

Home Depot Kids Workshop
We attended the Home Depot Kids Workshop at the beginning of the month. We let Weston attend this month. They built and painted little birdhouses and both boys really enjoyed building and painting. They didn’t get bored the entire time but worked hard getting their birdhouses together.

Little Free Library
We also found a Little Free Library at the park up the road from our house! We put 2 of our books into the library and picked out new to us books to read and then return. This was a fun little find for this family of book lovers. We’ve also found Little Free Library’s at 2 other parks in our area!

6 Months Old
This sweet little lady was 6 months old on the 20th.

Here are some milestones:

  • Rocking up on her knees! Rolling, scooting, army crawling wherever she wants to go!
  • Almost sitting up unsupported.
  • Playing with toys and other objects (like leaves, blades of grass). She studies them and of course they go into her mouth.
  • Sucks on her fingers to soothe
  • Wearing 6 month clothes and starting to wear some of her 9-12 month fall clothes on cooler days!
  • Exclusively cloth diapered – bumGenius One Size on medium setting with regular insert and doubler.
  • Exclusively breastfed up until the day she turned 6 months. Nursing every 3-4 hours during the day.
  • Sleeping through the night almost every night!!!
  • Loves splashing in the bathtub.
  • Loves being worn in the Boba.
    Sweet CeciliaI took some pictures of her outside in a sweet little dress on the day she turned 6 months. She wasn’t too excited about me taking pictures, she wanted to move around and explore the grass so the pictures aren’t great but I managed to get a few sweet shots.

Mama and Baby
Mama and baby girl! This little sweater was mine when I was a baby – my mama kept it and brought it to me when Cecilia was born. It’s such a sweet little sweater.
First Bite of Food

We wait until 6 months to introduce solids to our babies. Cecilia’s first food was a soft boiled egg yolk from a pastured egg. (Just egg yolk, no egg white!) She seemed to like it and did pretty well eating for the first time. The next 2 weeks after starting solids, she wasn’t too into food but she’s getting the hang of it now and really enjoying her foods! (We’re using these stainless baby spoons.)
Messy Baby
Messy baby girl after eating her first solid food. Love those rolls on this healthy baby girl!

Sweet SiblingsAnd, here they are all together. These 3 little people keep me busy wiping bottoms, feeding seemingly bottomless bellies, doing a ton of laundry and a lot of cuddling. Many days it feels like I get absolutely nothing important done but nourishing my growing children, loving them and teaching them that Jesus loves them really is the most important thing I can do with my life.

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  1. Your family is so cute!! And the exact reverse of mine! I have a 3 1/2 year old girl a 2 1/2 year old girl and a boy born the same day as your girl! Precious! Love the boys giving hugs, sweetness I barely get from my girls!

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