Savoring this Fall

Oh, how I am loving this fall! The leaves have been gorgeous, the weather beautiful and we’ve been having all kinds of fall fun.

A few weeks back, we took a day trip to the north Georgia apple region and had a day full of fun at apple orchards. While visiting the orchards, we took a tractor ride, went to a petting zoo, bought apples, ate fried pies, sipped sweet tea and more!

Last weekend, we visited family in East Tennessee. The leaves on the mountains were so, so, so beautiful! We enjoyed the visit so much spending time with family, good food and a Saturday morning Mennonite craft fair.

My parents visited a few weeks back and brought apples from my grandpa’s farm and John David’s parents sent us home with a huge box of apples. Since we had so many apples, it was time to make applesauce. I ended up with 9 quarts and 17 pints.

And, just know, making all of that applesauce was not an easy feat. I spent about 8 hours standing in the kitchen peeling, cutting, slicing and cooking, taking frequent breaks to care for the boys. (I have so much admiration for women of generations past that somehow managed to preserve food for the winter with little ones underfoot.)

On Halloween, we attended the Fall Festival at church. We had fun dressing the boys up and enjoyed the festivities. There were even inflatables there and Paxton had an absolute blast jumping and sliding.

We had a very frugal Halloween, the costumes cost us nothing! Weston’s dinosaur costume was in a bag of hand-me-downs from a friend, Paxton’s pirate costume is a Melissa & Doug pirate dress up set that his nannie gave him and the pumpkin bucket was John David’s as a child.

Paxton made quite the handsome pirate. (And, this role play outfit is wonderful…it’s high quality unlike most costumes/dress up clothes I’ve seen.) We’ll have many years of pirate play with this.

Our sweet little dinosaur is now a walker. He took his first steps the day after he turned 10 months and now he’s taking 8 to 10 steps at a time, walking across rooms to us. It’s so amazing to watch him grow and learn (it’s just as magical as it was watching Paxton learn!)

This fall has been full of fun and I have so many happy memories from this season so far (and there’s still several more weeks of fall to go!)

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  1. I love fall too! We have taken a drive or two to see the colors along the river here. It's beautiful!

    Cute Halloween costumes – for free! I also had a free Halloween this year 🙂 I re-used one of Amelia's costumes for Joe and dug around in her closet for her princess costume! It was great to spend zero dollars!

    Hope you enjoy this last bit of fall! We are moving into winter up here already. This week will be warm for us (40s) but we have had a couple weeks of 30 degree weather already! I say, "bring on the snow!" I am ready for some sledding and fun in the snow with the kids. Last winter we had little to no snow and Amelia doesn't even understand what the sled actually is. She thinks it is a boat and asks me to pull her around the apartment in it, ha!

  2. Yes, yes, yes on the applesauce! Nothing says "cozy" like the smell of baking apples. We had a horrible growing season here, but I was still able to get my hands on some jonathons. Not as food for sauce as my usual Ida Reds, but tasty nonetheless.

  3. Lovely pictures, and it is so nice to "reconnect" again after the month of organizing. 🙂 My first year with over 100 lbs of peeling and coring apples (3 years ago), my mom bought me an apple corer/peeler for Christmas. Let me tell you, it's been a time saver! This year, I cored and peeled another 100+ lbs of apples for apple pie in a jar (as gifts) and 12 quarts of applesauce. You have quite a stash of applesauce! YAY! I am looking forward to having my applesauce throughout the colder months as well. Yum.

  4. Girls, girls. No need to peel apples for applesauce. Get a food mill. My husband's grandma got mine at a yard sale. It is not fancy. At. All. But it works. You just cook the apples and run them through the food mill. The peels stay behind!! Totally worth it!!

    1. I have read before that you don't have to peel, but to put the sauce in a food processor, I tried that on a small batch and it didn't work too well!

      Can I ask what food mill you have? (Honestly, I've never even heard of a food mill…)

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