Savoring the Season

FamilyThese past few weeks of celebrating the holidays have been wonderful. We were intentional about keeping things simple and were able to really savor the season.

We kept every aspect of Christmas simple.

We only had a Christmas tree and nativity. {And, I purged some of the excess Christmas stuff, everything now fits neatly into one storage tote!}

We kept gift giving simple. The past 2 years we have given Paxton 3 gifts. This year the thought of bringing 6 gifts into our home seemed a bit excessive {considering the generosity of our families, the boys are not deprived}. This year we budgeted $20 per person and filled up stockings {we call them ‘present socks’ since that’s what Paxton says they are}. Most of the gifts in these stockings were consumable but there were a few little things like paint brushes for Paxton and a mini dust pan for Weston {he loves ‘helping’ mama sweep!}

Here are a few glimpses into some happenings of the past few weeks:


Spending time with my hubby. I love the ‘mini dates’ we have some nights once the boys are in bed. It’s nice to just relax with him!

Making funny faces with Paxton. This child is a hoot! He does all kinds of faces and they’re all hilarious. This one is a shocked face!
Birthday BoyWith my littlest man on his birthday. He turned one on December 22nd!

Livingroom CampingWe have had a few nights of reading and camping out in the living room.

Baby in UnderwearAnd, we also rearranged the boys rooms. They were having night time sleeping issues since they were disturbing each other. We decided to put them in separate rooms. So far, they’re sleeping much better! {This photo shows some of Weston’s room, the real reason I shared is because of the cute baby in the boxer briefs! We were letting him ‘air out’ in big brother’s underwear…too cute!}

My intention is to get back into a regular routine of writing here, sharing about toy rotation, clothing storage, homeschooling thoughts and more glimpses of our life. But, life with these precious boys doesn’t allow much time to sit longer that 3 minutes at a time {and I’m too tired to think once they’re in bed} so I am making no promises!

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  1. I agree the number of presents kids can get these days is overwhelming! I asked for storage solutions for our children this year and my daughter got a lovely toy chest to put all her dress up clothing and play jewlery into and they both got a rack that holds baskets that toys can be put into. It is so nice now because I can ask the older child to go get a toy for the baby and she knows right were they are! And it is so nice to have them organized and all together! I did also put away a couple toys they got to pull out later in the year. I don't have a good place to store toy rotation items (they are currently in the basement on shelves) and when we go down to do laundry, the girl will pull items off and bring them back upstairs with her. I need to find better ways to do rotations!

    1. Having toys organized makes all the difference! With our rotation, I make Paxton trade. If he wants something from the rotation shelves, he has to pick something up to put back up on the shelf. This has been working for us for a few months. Of course, I understand it takes a lot of extra effort when you have to go to the basement. {we had laundry in the basement in one of our houses and I don't miss that one bit!}

  2. Aw, your boys are adorable! Good for you for limiting the number of presents they receive and sticking to a budget. Kids don't need piles of toys. I prefer making memories with my loved ones rather than spending a ton of money and fighting the crowds at the mall. Simple is good. 🙂

    1. I try to write in the evenings but it is hard, I too am out of energy by the time they're both asleep. I'd love to get up early in the mornings but I also love sleeping as late as I possibly can! When do you do your blogging? Weekends? Mornings?

  3. You all look wonderful! I hope the new sleeping arrangement continues to work for all of you. I had a lot of years with no sleeping through the night, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. Happy new year to you all!! {{{Hugs}}}

    1. So far, it's pretty good. We are blessed that they both are good sleepers once they're asleep but it's hard work getting them to bed most nights. After the excitement of the holidays, we're trying really hard to be consistent with bed time and a night routine. And, you're so right, this season won't last forever. Happy 2013 to your family too!

  4. We have issues with room sharing too! Liam is now 8 months, and he still sleeps in his pack and play in our room. So far we have had 0 luck in the merging department. I really really can't wait to have our room to ourselves again. I am hoping that the transition will happen before he's one. So glad you have an extra room to move him to! 🙂

    1. It wasn't awful, just not easy. And, having the extra bedroom did make it easy to just separate them! Hopefully as he gets a bit older, they'll get into a good bedtime routine together!

  5. I love the pictures of your family. The boys are adorable, and how can Weston be one already?! Levi and Asher have been sharing a room for about three months now, but Asher still takes his afternoon nap in the pack and play in our room since he and Levi were disturbing each other.

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