Room by Room Laundry

Room by Room Laundry

When I was expecting my third baby, I had so many people tell me that having a third child seems to make the laundry explode.

They were right.

Somehow our tiny baby girl seemed to double our laundry load and laundry was getting harder to manage.

I wasn’t sorting laundry into whites, colors or delicates. Instead, I was using the time saving method of unsorted loads. (And, I have had great results with unsorted washing!)

Mixed Load of Laundry

I was washing a mixed load (everybody’s clothes, linens and towels) almost every day and was managing to get it dried and folded but then it would just sit where I folded it or in the basket.

I knew I had to revise my system and figure out a way to make putting laundry away easier. 

Instead of having a mixed load every day, I decided to wash by room. I placed a hamper in each bedroom and wash a load when the hamper is full.

Here are my loads:

1. Master (my clothes and my husbands clothes)

2. Boy’s Room (the boys clothes)

3. Cecilia’s Room (Cecilia’s clothes, towels, napkins and cleaning cloths)

Once I get the clothes out of the dryer, I go to the room they belong in and fold the laundry in that room.This makes putting laundry away so much easier!

Other laundry

I regularly wash our sheets but I don’t consider them part of my daily laundry. They’re either washed when a diaper leaks, a child wets the bed, throws up, spits up, gets snot everywhere, etc. or on Tuesdays which is my bedroom cleaning day.

I also wash cloth diapers every other day but they’re easy to put away because they all go to Cecilia’s room.

Room by room laundry makes laundry manageable for our family of 5.

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  1. Whoa – mind-blowing! I also do the fill a basket, wash a load method and, like you, I struggle with the putting away! I don't even fold the clothes for days sometimes until I'm forced to because I need the basket! I am going to see if there is a way I can implement this when we move at the end of this month! So simple yet so efficient and easy!

  2. This is the method I started using a few months ago as well! I love it!!

    We also use a laundry basket that matches the decor of each room as the laundry basket – this way the load comes out, into it's basket, and then into it's room to be folded and stored away.

  3. I decided about 4 months ago that our laundry system wasn't working! I hated always sorting everyone's clothes when I washed them together. I felt like it was taking longer to fold and put away clothes than it really should. And I always hated doing laundry every. single. day. It just wasn't working for me. Now, I still do laundry 3 days at week but it's better than everyday.

    I also bought a hamper for every girl in our home (which is 3). Though our big girls share a room I still keep their laundry baskets separate so I don't have to sort their clothes to put them away. I wash their clothes once a week, typically, as well as the baby's, unless we've gone through way more clothes. And sometimes we do since they play outside daily and get filthy; they can go through 3 outfits a day! 🙂 I wash mine and Daniel's clothes 2 times a week as our basket gets full quickly and our clothes are bigger and take up more room in the wash.

    I never thought of taking the washed and dried laundry to that particular room and folding it there! I did it last night and it worked. It all got put away and the basket back to it's place to collect dirty laundry. I will definitely do this from now on, that way clothes are out of my way in the laundry room and where they need to be!!!!

    1. I really like your idea of separating all of your kids laundry and washing separately, that makes it even easier! So glad the idea of folding the laundry in the room it belongs in was helpful!!

  4. Do line dry any of your laundry? I always see posts about your garden, saving money (old blog) and farm animals but was wondering how you handle line drying (if you do it). I do most of it on Monday (as the old saying goes, wash on monday!). Though I find myself doing more on Thursday or Friday. Diapers are usually washed and line dried every other day though, so that adds even more!

    1. I dry my diapers on a drying rack but that's it. Every spring, I dream of putting up a clothesline but we haven't put one up since we moved here 4 years ago. Honestly, during this season of life, not having to worry about hanging clothes out to dry and then going out and taking them off the line makes my life just a bit easier.

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