Reviving Kids Clothes

I purged and packed away the boys winter clothes and pulled out their spring clothes a few weeks ago.

My 3-year-old’s bin of spring clothes was pretty sparse.

I’ve stopped buying clothes ahead of time since my guessing on sizes has been off in the past. My thoughts are even if I just¬†spend a few dollars on clothing that is never worn, I’m still wasting money!

When friends occassionally give us hand-me-downs, I’ll pick out the things we love and put them in his bin of next size up clothes so we have a few things tucked away for him to grow into.

His bin of spring clothes included 2 pair of hand-me-down shorts, a pair of swimming shorts my mom purchased, his shorts from last summer (which all still fit!) and one button up shirt. There were no t-shirts at all. At this point, most people would think it’s time to go shopping because he needs shirts and honestly, that’s what I thought at first too.

A look through the drawer of clothes he’s currently wearing resulted in more than enough shirts for this spring and hopefully summer (unless he hits a growth spurt). Most of his 24 month and 2T shirts from last summer still fit and a few things just needed a little reviving.

He had a couple shirts from this winter that were layered long sleeve t-shirts. They still fit and were cute shirts that he really likes to wear.

Stained Arms

He had a guitar shirt had cream colored sleeves which were stained from months of being worn by a 2-year-old. (I’ve decided to stop purchasing white/cream colored shirts for my boys, dark colors hide stains so much better!)Short Sleeve Shirt

After a few minutes of cutting the long sleeve arms out of the shirts, he had two ‘new’ t-shirts for this spring that he loves! Plus, we saved money.¬†

Before heading out to purchase more clothes for your kids, be sure to look at their clothes to see if there are ways you can revive what they have!



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