Reviving Kids Clothes

Reviving Kids Clothes

I purged and packed away the boys winter clothes and pulled out their spring clothes a few weeks ago.

My 3-year-old’s bin of spring clothes was pretty sparse.

I’ve stopped buying clothes ahead of time since my guessing on sizes has been off in the past. My thoughts are even if I just spend a few dollars on clothing that is never worn, I’m still wasting money!

When friends occassionally give us hand-me-downs, I’ll pick out the things we love and put them in his bin of next size up clothes so we have a few things tucked away for him to grow into.

His bin of spring clothes included 2 pair of hand-me-down shorts, a pair of swimming shorts my mom purchased, his shorts from last summer (which all still fit!) and one button up shirt. There were no t-shirts at all. At this point, most people would think it’s time to go shopping because he needs shirts and honestly, that’s what I thought at first too.

A look through the drawer of clothes he’s currently wearing resulted in more than enough shirts for this spring and hopefully summer (unless he hits a growth spurt). Most of his 24 month and 2T shirts from last summer still fit and a few things just needed a little reviving.

He had a couple shirts from this winter that were layered long sleeve t-shirts. They still fit and were cute shirts that he really likes to wear.

Stained Arms

He had a guitar shirt had cream colored sleeves which were stained from months of being worn by a 2-year-old. (I’ve decided to stop purchasing white/cream colored shirts for my boys, dark colors hide stains so much better!)Short Sleeve Shirt

After a few minutes of cutting the long sleeve arms out of the shirts, he had two ‘new’ t-shirts for this spring that he loves! Plus, we saved money. 

Before heading out to purchase more clothes for your kids, be sure to look at their clothes to see if there are ways you can revive what they have!

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  1. this is a fantatic idea! if you save these shirts they may not fit him for the following season! Great idea, cant wait to do it here!!

  2. I agree with this so much. My mom is a shopaholic and buys way too much clothes for my daughter when many outfits can last several seasons. It's tough because of course I am happy I've never had to buy a single thing for my daughter since she was born (and I know grandparents get great joy out of giving gifts to their grandchildren) but it can be overwhelming. We regularly send back to her basement garbage bags full of clothes that we simply never needed and she grows out of. Most with the tags still on. My parents basement could easily pass for a baby/toddler/little girl department store! These things will be later given to other family members yet to have children so at least they aren't being thrown out but it really can be too much.

    1. [continued from above]…… I am expecting baby #2 in a few weeks so we were recently in my parents basement picking through what I could reuse for baby #2 and I found it very overwhelming to have to dig through several DOZENS of bags of things! A child (or adult) simply does not need that much stuff. I'd much rather my mom take on an attitude of buying based on NEED and not just shopping out of boredom. I hope I don't sound ungrateful but sometimes excessive gifts can be a burden on people who believe in paring down and living simply. We have a wonderful apartment here in Manhattan, NYC but it is TINY. I don't want to live with "stuff" bursting at the seams. I know my mom gets joy out of shopping for her granddaughter but I kinda wish she'd get a hobby other than shopping!

      1. Same story here in lower westchester. Mom is spoiling this boy rotton! He has way too many toys! It's ridiculous. I'm really good about getting rid of my excess stuff but its so hard to get rid of his, especially the toys that he loves. I'm torn.

        1. As far as toys go, we prefer open ended stuff (trains, tractors, blocks, dressup) and the toys that don't foster creativity and imagination (basically anything that makes a noise it seems) are the first to go. We also have a toy rotation in place, we are able to keep more toys and not have toys take over our home. Half of the toys are always put away and half are accessible and then we rotate them. It's actually fun, they're constantly getting 'new toys' and seem to play better when they have fewer toys to choose from. Maybe something like this is the first step to managing the excess?

  3. We are also blessed with way too much stuff from family! Though I feel differantly then most of you because I will only have young children ONCE in my life and I want to buy them clothes! I will only have so many years before my girls want to pick out their own outfits, shoes ect… I am going to enjoy these years of dressing them the way I like – using clothes that I purchase since most of the clothes given to us is not my style.

  4. we are able to keep more toys and not have toys take over our home. Half of the toys are always put away and half are accessible and then we rotate them. It's actually fun, they're constantly getting 'new toys.

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