Results So Far from 31 Days to Living Intentionally Simple

I’ve been busy during the month of October working through 31 Days to Living Intentionally Simple which was written and worked through originally last October. My home was in desperate need of some attention, decluttering and cleaning so I’ve been working on the daily projects.

One thing about simplifying over 31 days is the daily projects really are manageable. Most projects have been completed in 30 minutes and a few of the more involved ones have all taken less than 2 hours!

Here are some results from my efforts to simplify:

Clean Fridge

The project from Day 2 was Simplifying in the Kitchen. This involved cleaning out the fridge, freezer and pantry. Let me tell you, those spaces needed some work. The biggest area of improvement was the refrigerator. I love a clean, well organized fridge, it really helps to prevent food waste and it’s nice opening it up and not seeing a jumbled mess!

Messy Master

My master bedroom had once again become a clutter zone. It needed help and 3 days (day 5, 6 & 8) were spent in the master. The first project was simply to remove everything that didn’t belong in the master. This meant all the folded laundry was put away, toys and children’s books were removed, the storage tote with clothes that no longer fit our boys was removed, along with other random stuff that was in our room. By the time everything that didn’t belong was gone, the difference was amazing! I could have ignored the next 2 projects and the room would have seemed clean but I went ahead and purged the closet and dresser and tidied the room even more over the next 2 project days.

Tidy Master

The result of my 3 days of work in the master is a nice, tidy room that is relaxing and not cluttered with all kinds of random stuff. I’ve been removing everything that doesn’t belong in this room daily which has really helped me to maintain the neatness in our master. If you do nothing else in your master, just try removing the things that don’t belong there and you’ll see it makes a huge difference!

Decluttered Stuff

This is a pile of everything that has been decluttered so far in October. That laundry hamper and bag are both full of random stuff but it’s all leaving my house forever!

Problem Zone

I shared on my Facebook page a few weeks ago this problem zone. This sewing desk has been sitting in a corner in our dining room for a couple of months and anytime we have an empty, purposeless space, it attracts stuff. So, things had been accumulating.  I’ve put several things back where they belong, broke down the large box to recycle and returned a few borrowed items back to their owners.

Improving Problem Zone

Here is the space now, not completely clutter free just yet but I’m definitely making progress. Some of what remains is just because of laziness – we haven’t taken the time to put the items where they belong. An example, that white sign, which says ‘Splish Splash’ was painted for our bathroom and we just haven’t taken the time to hang it up!

I hope this scene reminds you that while we do live simply, we’re not perfect and still have problem areas! But, baby steps are the key in conquering the clutter.

Have you been doing any of the 31 Days to Living Intentionally Simple projects? Are you noticing a difference in your home? 

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  1. You mentioned the space in your dining room as attracting clutter, do you use the dining room? I am looking at how to use space effectively for my life. Just because the builder says it is a dining room, I am looking at rooms for my personal needs. What do you think?

    1. We do use the dining room. Our kitchen isn't large enough for a table so the dining area is where the table is.

      I agree with your thinking though! We had friends who had a large eat-in kitchen and used their dining room for a playroom!

  2. Oh my gosh! My sewing desk is STILL a problem place…obviously neither one of us are sewing all the time, and with toddlers bumbling about and dinner to be cooked, that is ok!

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