Raised Garden Beds

When my husband was finished building our compost barrel, he assembled our raised garden beds. When I shared about planning our garden, there was only one raised bed in our garden spot, now there are four!

Once we placed the beds, we laid down a thick layer of newspaper, creating a barrier to prevent weeds. We wet the newspaper to keep it weighted down.

Once the newspaper was all down, we put a layer of garden soil over it.

Now there’s just a thin layer of soil, we need to purchase a load of soil to fill our beds up.

This year we have a little garden helper, he helped packed down the soil.

Next on our ‘gardening to do list’ is filling these with soil and soon we’ll be planting!

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  1. Hooray for garden helpers! Looking forward to having one of my own too! Those beds look great. What is the name of the lumber you use? Looking for one that hopefully has a very low toxicity leech.

    So glad that life seems to be going along well with Weston.
    I know for Rita it seemed like life stopped but I have a feeling that with this second baby he/she will just "jump right in" to the swing of life in our home, much like it seems Weston is doing. 🙂

    The city we outskirt actually offers free compost – maybe ask around your new place. They might do the same. We just have to have a way to haul it there and back, so we borrow a family member's truck and just fill it up with gas as a thank you! Easy peasy.

    1. The beds are made out of James Hardie siding, it uses "natural ingredients that are low in toxicity" according to their website. My hubby thought this would be the best material and it shouldn't rot! We've been scouring Craigslist for compost/dirt/manure but haven't had much luck, thanks for the suggestion of city compost! And I'm sure the new baby will fit right in, all of my worries/anxiety regarding that melted away the moment he was born and the adjustment has been so much better than I could have ever imagined!

  2. Must be pretty warm there. Here (Southern Wisconsin) it is 16 F as I type and we have snow on the ground. It has been a pretty mild winter so far, but still to cold for gardening at this time. Love the pictures. Slow and Steady will get you there.

  3. Great idea for using newspaper!! We did 2 raised beds last year and are adding a third this spring. It was a nice and manageable start for this novice gardener!

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