Purchasing Local

Purchasing local is a wonderful way to invest in your community.

A few weeks ago, my husband needed a lawn mower part so he turned to a big online retailer for the parts he needed. After placing the order, he quickly cancelled it because he remembered the local lawn and garden store in our little town carries the brand of engines that he needed a part for.

The next morning, he and Paxton drove 2.5 miles to the local lawn and garden store to see if they had the part. They did! It was a few dollars more but he could get it that very day instead of waiting a few days for it to ship.

Not only that, the man who owns the store told John David if he’d bring the engine in, he’d put the part on for him. That service made the extra dollars completely worth it! The repair was done a few days earlier and it saved John David a few hours of work since his tool collection isn’t fully equipped to handle engine repairs.

This is also the store where we purchase our local honey and have purchased seeds and plants for our garden. The plants are a little more expensive but we’d rather support our community instead of buying dirt cheap plants at large retailers.

Do you try to purchase local even if it costs a little more?

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  1. Our family is always trying to purchase close to home. While fabric can be expensive, the local shop is just too nice and amazing to go anywhere else!

  2. I remember years ago (can't believe I'm (we're?) old enough to talk like that…) there was a little no name grocery store in the center of town. It was quick in and out even when you needed a ton of groceries. It's gone now. Replaced by the super-stores that flank either end of town, near the two interstate exits.

    There's an orchard, just a ten minute drive in the opposite direction. I usually forget it's there because it's not convenient. But it's always fun to remember it, and go against the grain…

    I can't wait to get back home.
    We've bought local here in Germany as much as we can. The language barrier makes it hard sometimes, but it's so much easier (?) than waiting a week or two (or sometimes, four) when we order online.
    Local German honey? The. Best. 😉

    1. I cannot imagine having to wait that long for things and I'm sure shipping is absolutely crazy too! How fun that buying local for you, right now, is buying German! 🙂

  3. We have been trying to do this as well over the past year. Our town is pretty small (5,000 people) with no mom and pop stores (a couple mom and pop restaurants). But we DO go to a couple of places like a local farm co-op to get feed for the animals and pick-your-own orchards. For us, if we can find things within 50 miles, we consider it "local".

    For us, TIME is very important. My husband is extremely handy, and we have had to weigh TIME versus COST lately. That is awesome that the local store offered to put the part in for free! That saves alot of time, tools and hassle! That's great!

    1. We're just trying to be conscious of the small town, local folks with family owned businesses trying to make a living. Sure, we do go to some 'big box stores' on occasion but typically only if its something we can't find at the local places! And yes, time is valuable! At this stage of my life, the time I spend with my hubby is precious so I'm happy to pay a few extra dollars to save him a few hours!

  4. I really enjoyed your post. I think a lot of us have found ways to shop locally for food products (farmers markets, etc), but I know that I often don't think about shopping from locally owned stores for non-food items. I doubt Wal-Mart or other super stores would have helped you with the installation of your part! Besides, on-line returns are such a hassle!

    1. I agree, so many people do think the 'buy local' movement is just food and overlook the local shops. We're trying to support this local lawn and garden store and I prefer to do clothing shopping (for me and the boys) at a local resale store and another consignment store in town. They're both locally owned and I can talk to the owners almost every time I'm in there! There's just something great about handing over cash for something you need to the owner of the store!

  5. I'm so glad you posted this! We are trying to do more local things too. I buy local honey and love to go to the Farmer's Market. One of the items on my list to do this summer is go pick peaches with Nyla at our local orchard. There's also a blueberry farm not too far away that i'd love to go pick at too.
    I've also been in contact with a local cow farmer and we're putting a deposit down to buy a 1/4 of beef in October! I'm so excited about this. I want to support our hard-working local farmers.

  6. I hate hassling with mail order so I try to buy around here. I'm honestly interested in the bottom line but that doesn't always mean I only look at dollar cost. Sometimes extra service or better quality makes a slightly higher cost worth while. I don't have a preference over retailer type. I choose the one that gives me the most value. Sometimes that's Amazon, sometimes it's Walmart, sometimes it's the small business down the street.

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