Little Digger
This space has been quiet during this past week or so since we’ve been spending almost every spare minute outside preparing for spring. We’ve had a few cold days but we’ve all bundled up and ventured out to work in the yard.

Sweet WestonWe hadn’t spend much time outside since late fall and the boys have definitely been in their element. They’ve been digging with their ‘digger’ they received for Christmas, exploring all around the yard, digging in the dirt and just being boys and getting messy.

Garden BedsWe purchased a load of soil and added some to our existing raised beds. We have plans to build a few more beds so we can have an even larger garden this year.

Future Chicken PenOne of the big projects we’ve been working on {mainly, John David} is clearing out the area between our chain link fence and the property line fence. It was full of brush and remnants of a tree that fell during a storm and we had to have cut down. We’re thinking about turning this area into a chicken pen.

Baby ChicksOne of John David’s big projects has been preparing a space for our baby chicks which arrived this past Friday! We all have enjoyed  the chicks these past few days and are looking forward to watching them grow.

New Raised BedsWe spent Saturday afternoon working on turning a flower bed into a raised bed space. This area was covered with mulch which we raked up {and moved to the front bed, thus mulching the front for free!} John David built a raised bed around the 3 strawberry plants which were already in this space and then built 2 small raised beds. We’re wanting grass to grow around the raised beds so there isn’t as much to weed!

We’ve enjoyed being outside, creating things and working together as a family.

Have you been preparing for spring in any way? 



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