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Now that Paxton has been potty trained for almost 6 months, I’m finally ready to share about our training experience. {I’ve been hesitant to share, fearing that it was too good to be true and he’d regress!}

I’m certainly no expert in potty training and don’t believe the process we used will work for every child but this is what worked for Paxton.

First, I want to note that I had absolutely no expectations or hopes of having him potty trained before the age of 3. Most of the little boys I know trained right around the age 3 and I was okay with that. I’ve heard mama’s of little ones talk about training like it’s a competition. Hear me mama’s, it’s not a competition! I did not get a gold star for having a little boy potty trained at 2 {although a lightened cloth diaper load was a huge reward!}

When Paxton turned 2 in April, we bought him underwearand a small potty,  just to introduce them to him and see if he had any interest. We put the underwear on him and talked to him about pee-peeing in the potty but he had no interest. We put the underwear away but left the potty in our bathroom and talked to him about using it when we were in the bathroom.

In June, he developed a diaper rash and I decided to let him ‘air out’ rather than using disposables and diaper cream. I rolled up the rugs and pulled out the potty {it was in whatever room we were in so he had easy access}. There were accidents and it wasn’t fun with a 6-month-old fussy little brother but after a couple days he was pee-peeing in the potty occasionally. He went to my parents a few days later for a week and I decided to postpone the training so he and my parents could enjoy the visit.

When he got back, I decided we were going to spend another week diaper free in an attempt to potty train. We stayed home all week, he ran around naked and towards the end of the week, his success rate was good enough that my husband and I ventured to town with him in underwear and the potty in the back of our car. He did have a little accident while we were gone but it was a matter of not getting to the potty fast enough instead of just peeing on himself, we counted that a success!

He did struggle a little bit with underwear, he seemed to view them like a diaper and was okay wetting in them. We spent about a week ‘underwear training’.

In mid-July, he went to visit my husband’s parents for a week and we sent the small potty along with him. He had no accidents all week with them including #2!

By the beginning of August, I considered him trained, he was in underwear full time and had a success rate of about 80%.

Of course, there were accidents along the way like #2 at friends homes {he’s had a hard time tearing himself away from toys} and at church. He also had a habit of wetting in class on Sunday’s but most of the time it was because he told his teachers too late.

Now, at 2 years and 7 months old, he’s 95% potty trained. There’s the occasional accident due to laziness and he wears nighttime training pants but he successfully goes to town and has even taken a few road trips without accidents!

This brief summary of our potty training makes it seem almost easy and it was easier than I expected but still very involved. In the past 2 months, as his success rate has increased, my stress level has decreased and I know the stress was due to potty training.

If you’re thinking about potty training, my advice is do not compare your child to others and don’t pressure your child to train if he’s not ready. And, buy a bottle of non-toxic cleaning spray to clean up the frequent accidents in those early days.

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  1. Hey Rachel, I have a question. You said he's in trainers over night, but does he still mostly hold it? Can he wake himself up to use the potty? I'm planning on starting Alden around 18-months or 24-months since she's a girl and has expressed some interest. We've got the potty, but haven't really pushed anything. Did telling you just come naturally with him using it more and more?

    1. Molly,

      He wakes up wet in the mornings. There has been one night (ever) that he has woken up in the middle of the night and asked me to help him go and he's woken up maybe 5 times dry. From what I've read, it's just hard for small children to hold it all night/wake themselves so I'm not stressing over it. He does nap without a pull-up and wakes up dry 95% of the time.

      During the weeks that he ran around naked and was 'underwear training', he was going on his little potty some on his own and I also was regularly making him sit down and try to go. In the first few months, I would ask him frequently if he needed to go but now he usually tells me if he needs to go or just goes on his own.

      If you have any more questions, just ask. I am by no means an expert but happy to share what we did.

  2. My daughter just turned three and she is just starting to show interest in potty training. I figured that since all her friends at daycare that are the same age as her were potty trained, she would show more interest, but she just doesn't seem to care. I am not worried about it because she will start doing it on a regular basis when she is ready. And there will be times of regression I am sure! Congrats on training Paxton at such a young age! It is great that he has done so well at it!

    1. Each kid is different! And you should be a proud mama that she's not giving in to peer pressure! 🙂 I think it's less stressful for mom and child to just do it when they're ready instead of pushing it. Before long, she'll be a potty pro.

  3. THANK YOU! I have been beating myself up over this very issue so much lately. Amelia is four in a few months and we are still in diapers 🙁 I have to keep reminding myself that she has a fairly severe speech and language delay. Her communication is equivalent to that of about a two-year-old now so the fact that we are just starting to get into this is OK.

    Last night we had our first #1 AND #2 in the potty!!!!!! She asked to sit on it and she sat and sat and sat (about 45 minutes.) I eventually got in the shower and while I was in it she went and brought me the potty to show me! WooHoo! I kept her in underwear the rest of the day and she had an accident in the kitchen, thank goodness – no carpet 🙂 She was peeing and I told her, "hey, you are peeing! Can you make it stop? We'll go to the potty!" Her response? "Mama, these underwear have a hole in them." Hilarious! Great way to start the explanation that underwear and diapers are very different – I think she is understanding that better now!

  4. My daughter (two years, nine months) is about 95% trained as well. She stays dry for naps (she wears underwear), and she's dry every morning (she wears a diaper at nighttime). I haven't made the plunge for the night-time, I'm just too nervous for some reason, even though she wakes me up (calling out to me) when she needs to go in the middle of the night (which isn't very often).

    For me, potty training was incredibly stressful and it seemed "never-ending" even though in reality, the hard part was only a few months. (But, something about be constant about having an accident when we were out was intense)

    Great blog! I love reading.

  5. Wow! That's pretty impressive. When they're ready, they're ready! And when they're not… Well, I'm potty training a 5 year old (in her defense, she does have a physical disability). It's super exciting when it FINALLY starts to work at that age!

  6. This may not be the 'typical' way to do it but we plan to wait until my little one is old enough to FULLY understand that you do not pee in your pants. I hear it is much easier to just explain, we do not use diapers and do not pee in our pants. When we feel the urge to go then we go to the bathroom and go. So, yes this is a much older age then everyone is talking here but I would much rather clean up only 1-2 accidents total then that many in one day! haha.

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