Planning Our Garden

The unseasonably warm weather has us looking forward to spring and our garden! When we purchased our home last March, we were more excited about our yard than we were the house. We have one acre with a fenced in backyard and ample room for gardening.

We spent quite a bit of time planning a garden last spring. We bought supplies for four raised beds and only built one. That’s as far as we got. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant with our second baby and soon after morning sickness followed and the garden was abandoned.

This year is going to be different. We’re already making plans and looking forward to gardening as a family and fresh vegetables!

Here’s our garden space:

The garden as of yesterday. Nothing much to look at, there’s one raised bed and that’s it.

The one bed that was built last year. We’re going to be getting the weeds and last years dead plants out and adding more soil!

We purchased this barrel via Craigslist for $10. John David has plans for it, I’m not quite sure exactly what he’s going to do with it (he has the mechanical mind!) The plan it to put this out in the garden space, although we’re not sure where exactly it will go.

As we work in the garden, I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Are you looking forward to spring time and gardening? Do you do raised beds, a traditional garden or use some other method? 

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  1. I will be excited to follow as you continue progress on your garden this year. Mine will be very small and only for fresh eating as living in Wisconsin, we don't get to plant until the end of May and I will be having baby number 2 sometime in June so there will not be much time for me to get out and do maintenance on it!

    1. I don't blame you for planning a small garden! Paxton was born in April and we didn't even attempt a garden that year (mainly because I'm the main gardener!)

  2. Good luck with your garden plans. We put in raised beds last spring and the fresh veggies and herbs really helped to reduce our food budget. I don't think we had to buy lettuce for three months since ours was doing so well. I wish we had as much space for it as you do.


  3. We have a raised garden in the middle of our backyard and another garden on the side of the house for the things that need lots of room. It is a lot of work but once we started harvesting it was exciting and worth all the weeding, watering and grooming of the plants. Having fresh veggies is so yummy.

    1. That makes sense. We may need to do something similar for corn, I can't see how having corn in a small raised bed would be very efficient {plus it would probably look funny!}

  4. We are very excited to one day have a garden! Our friends do a large garden every year – complete with pumpkins which we carve as a group event! The weather here is unpredictable (WI, like the above commenter!) so I have a feeling each year will be a little different for us and a garden. It's one of the things we look forward to doing when we are able to become homeowners!

    Any ideas on what your garden will consist of this year?

    1. We haven't specifically planned out what we're growing but we'll definitely have tomatoes, peppers, squash, maybe potatoes and will probably add more strawberries {we have a few plants in the flower bed!} And I'm sure we'll do much more, those are just favorites!

  5. Good luck on your garden! We have four rectangular raised beds in our front yard. Last year I used one as a compost bed and wound up getting a wide variety of vegetables that I didn't plan on–potatoes and peas were the most prolific, and we also had sweet potatoes that way! Right now we have kale I planted in the fall that is still growing. The last 3 years were experimental ones and helped us decide what would be best for us to grow, so this year I hope to get the most out of them.

    1. How fun, getting surprise vegetables! Last summer we had a plant come up from the area that the previous homeowners had apparently dumped food scraps, we watched and waited all summer and finally were surprised with pumpkins! I hadn't thought about growing sweet potatoes at all…I'll have to add those to the list! How awesome that your kale is still growing! If we're successful with our summer garden, we'll probably branch out into fall gardening too!

  6. Oh, homegrown tomatoes are the BEST! We have a small container garden on our balcony that turns the whole thing into a nice little private jungle in the summer. We plant lots of herbs (fresh basil gets expensive!) and use them in pizza, mostly. They make the crust extra delicious.
    And then homegrown tomatoes on sandwiches. And we made/canned green tomato salsa that we're taking to my dad.

    1. I agree about homegrown tomatoes! I never buy tomatoes at the grocery store because they are pretty much flavorless compared to homegrown! How wonderful that you have a container garden, I tried that one summer in our apartment without much success! I've not grown many herbs but I'm planning on it, especially cilantro, we love it!

  7. Hooray! Looks like a good place to start. We are going to experiment with raised beds this year. The abundant rain and then lack of rain left our plants very stressed last summer. Supposedly the plants will not have the competition of the weeds (on the such a large scale) in a raised bed – did you find that to be the case?

    P.S. Tonight is Rita's first full night in the Kawaii Goodnight Heavywetter! Hoping for good sleep!

    I'll be posting about nursing a toddler this week! Head over to my blog to check it out!

    1. I do think weeds are reduced in the raised beds. We also put newspaper down in the beds which helps to keep weeds out. I neglected this bed last year and there were very few weeds in it. Hope the Goodnight Heavy Wetter worked!

  8. I stumbled accross frugal and simple last night and went through the whole blog and just finished going through this one. My children are 21 and 16 now I so wish I had found your sites when they were small. I believe you will be an inspiration to many.Keep up the good hard work and may God bless you and your family.

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