Paxton and Weston’s Shared Bedroom

Shared Bedroom

Our boys have been sharing a room for almost 3 years and they’ve had bunk beds for a year.

When we first got the bunk beds, they slept together in the bottom bunk but now Weston sleeps on the top bunk and Paxton is in the bottom. Both boys are heavy sleepers so we haven’t had any issues with them waking each other up during the night.

Our bunk bed has the built in staircase which makes me feel much better about our young children having bunk beds! So far, we haven’t had any bunk bed accidents and the kids know that they are not allowed to play on the top bunk. Our bunk bed also has built in drawers under the bed and on the end of the staircase which gives us some extra storage space for pajamas, underwear, socks and some toys.

One fun part of having bunk beds is the bottom bunk can easily be turned into a fun fort, ship, clubhouse or whatever they can imagine by putting a sheet up!

Our home is around 1,300 square feet and roughly half of that space is living area and half is 3 bedroms which means our living space is a bit small but the bedrooms are pretty large.

With the bunk beds, the boys have a ton of floor space in their room to play, make believe and create.


We have a fun, colorful gallery wall in their room. Most of the artwork was painted by me and each boy painted a canvas. We have an art line up so they can proudly display their latest creations in their room. And, their table is perfect for coloring, playing house, building with Legos or anything they can think up!


We’ve taken advantage of door and wall space to serve as storage for a few items. The back of the door is perfect for their backpacks!

ClosetAround the time we purchased the bunk bed, my husband also designed and built a built-in wooden shelving system in the closet to maximize the closet space. This has allowed us to keep the space organized with a toy library as well as store their games, sleeping bags, hanging clothes and memory boxes. The time and money spent on this built-in project was well worth it!

Our home may be a bit on the small side and our children don’t have the luxury of having their own rooms but we’re making the space we have work for our family by living with less. And, even if we lived in a larger home with more bedrooms, I have a feeling our boys would still want to share a room!

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  1. I love this! Our boys will be sharing a room soon (once my toddler actually sleeps through the night so we feel comfortable moving him in with his brother — right now he's on a mattress in our room so he wakes us up instead. 😉 ). It's inspiring to see how other people organize their small homes.

    1. We were so worried about putting our boys together at first but they did great – and still do! They never wake each other up during the night when one wakes up crying or hollering! 🙂

  2. I love their room. You guys have done a great job!!! Even just from the pictures, the room feels so spacious!

    I love glimpses into your home – it’s always very encouraging and keeps me motivated to continue simplifying ours 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel! I'm a longtime reader…..since Frugal and Simple! I feel like we've "grown" together over the years! My two young children also have a bunk bed. We have a family of FOUR now in a TINY Manhattan NYC apartment (750sf!). Children don't need excess stuff……they need LOVE! I love seeing the wonderful evolution of your family!
    – Jackie, NYC

  4. Hi Rachel! Reading this post, I'm reminded of the time you posted about painting your canvases. I remember one in particular with the alphabet. I can't seem to relocate this older post. Can you help me?

    1. I just googled the state, found a picture that was fairly large on my computer screen, grabbed a piece of notebook paper and traced it. Then I cut it out and traced it onto the canvas and then painted.

  5. The sign in boys room: for this child I have prayed. I would like make one for a friend. Did you make it or buy it? I love your blog!

  6. Rachel you are really a brilliant person! If I didn't see your those works I think it would be the worst thing in my life. Thanks god I come across this site and note this decoration.

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