Minimal Maternity WardrobeI prefer to have a minimal wardrobe. It costs less, makes getting dressed easier and I love only wearing clothes that I feel great in.

When it comes to building a maternity wardrobe, it really makes sense to have a minimal wardrobe since you wear most of the items only 6 months or so.

At the end of my second pregnancy, I purged my maternity wardrobe, getting rid of things that were ill fitting, non-flattering and pieces I never wore. (I look back at some pictures from my previous two pregnancies and cringe at some of the ill fitting clothes I wore. I had a much larger wardrobe for those two pregnancies but it would have been better to have a smaller wardrobe with flattering clothes!)

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I once again went through the box of maternity clothes and donated a few things that I didn’t love, didn’t think I’d wear and weren’t my style (tastes change over the course of 2 years!)

I was able to wear most of my regular tops until I was 25 weeks – with maternity jeans (I embraced those around 10 weeks!). Once those shirts were getting too small, I evaluated my maternity clothing and saw there were a few gaps – mainly I needed shirts.

I purchased one pair of maternity jeans for $6, a purple tee for $5 and a maroon tee for $5. (All of these were purchased at a local resale store!) And, I was given a black tee. These 4 pieces, mainly the comfy shirts, really helped expand my maternity wardrobe.

Here’s my maternity wardrobe:

Maternity Shirts


1. Grey Sweater (long sleeve)

2. Purple Tee (long sleeve)

3. Black Shirt (long sleeve)

4. Pink Shirt (3/4 sleeve)

5. Maroon Tee (long sleeve)

6. Black Tee (long sleeve)

These 6 tops are worn just about every time I leave the house. I also will wear the tees on days I stay home.

Since all of these tops are solids, the look of them can easily be changed with a scarf or a chunky necklace which makes me feel like I have more options than just 6 shirts!

Maternity Dresses


1. Red Polka Dot Dress

2. Blue Paisley Dress

3. Purple Dress

4. Pink/Black/White Dress

5. Black Sleeveless Dress *

6. Black/Grey Sweater Dress

*A few days after this photo was taken, I tried the black sleeveless dress on and it was way too small! So, it was decommissioned at 32 weeks!

**Only two of these dresses (the two in the middle) are actual maternity dresses, the rest are regular dresses that have enough room for a growing belly.

I typically wear dresses to church on Sundays with leggings and a black cardigan. I also will occasionally wear a dress with leggings at home because honestly, it’s just about as comfortable as being in pajamas except I look like I put forth effort in my appearance!
Maternity Pants


3 Pair Jeans

1 Pair Black Dress pants

Comfortable jeans are a must! All 3 of these are very comfortable. In my past 2 pregnancies, I had a few pair of jeans that I hated to wear because they were so uncomfortable – I passed those on and am much happier with these – especially my new pair (in the middle – that belly panel is so comfy!)

I don’t wear the black dress pants too often because I prefer to wear a dress and leggings to church and on the rare occasion I need to dress up. I’ve worn them with my grey sweater a few times with this pregnancy. I also think they’d look cute with my maroon or purple tees and scarves.
Maternity Pieces


1. Black Yoga Pants

2. Grey Yoga Pants

3. Black/Grey Flannel Shirts

4. Black T-shirt

5. Black Tights

6. Grey Tights

7. Black Cardigan

**The only maternity items in this photo are the black and grey yoga pants, the rest are staples in my non-maternity wardrobe that work during pregnancy too!

These are essential pieces in my wardrobe. Most days I’m home, you’ll find me in the yoga pants – being comfortable while pregnant is a priority of mine! I wear the black t-shirt and flannel shirt quite often on days spent at home. (I also have a couple short sleeve t-shirts that I’ll wear if I’m not caught up on laundry!)

With 7 weeks to go, I’m hoping that I won’t outgrow too many more clothes. If I do outgrow pieces, I suppose my wardrobe will become even more minimal and I’ll fully embrace wearing my husband’s shirts at home. Honestly, I don’t want to buy anymore maternity clothes – I’d much rather spend my money on a few flattering pieces for my postpartum body.

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Here’s a glimpse into a day in my life as a stay at home mama of two (with one on the way!) on January 30, 2014:

Good Morning Boys

8:00 :: I’ve been lying quietly awake in bed for a few minutes and our boys come in our room right at 8:00. (This was one of the rare nights that we didn’t have one or both of them in the bed with us!) They wake up ready to go while their daddy and I aren’t quite as enthusiastic about starting our day. They crawl in bed with us for a few minutes before going to play. I read a little before they come back in the room ready to eat. We spend a few minutes talking to baby who is going crazy in my belly before I get out of bed to head to the kitchen to make smoothies.

Morning Smoothie

9:00 :: I’m finishing up my yummy strawberry mango smoothie while fixing eggs for breakfast and unloading the dishwasher. After making more eggs for Paxton, I finally make myself an omelet and sit down and eat it while the boys start playing. Hubby leaves for work around 9:30 (Thursday’s are his late day so he typically leaves later on Thursday mornings.) I go make beds and start a load of laundry before heading back to the kitchen to clean up.

Washing Dishes

10:00 :: Back in the kitchen washing breakfast dishes. Once the dishes are washed, my morning routine is finished! The boys are independently playing together so I head to my computer to check e-mail and write a little.

Brothers Playing

11:00 :: The boys are still happily playing together! I peek in on them and make sure everything is okay and nothing has been destroyed. They want to keep on playing so I take some time to look over finances and write out a to do list for my day. About 30 minutes after this peaceful photo was taken, an argument happened and both boys come running to me crying. I decide cuddling up and reading is the best way to calm everybody down.


12:00 :: We’re finishing up our chapter in Farmer Boy. We’ve been reading this book over the past few weeks and the boys really are enjoying it – especially Paxton. They’ve been pretending they’re Royal and Almanzo the past few days – it’s adorable. Once we finish up this chapter, I head to the kitchen to start heating up lunch and then pop outside to move laundry from the washer to the dryer. We sit down and eat our lunch – leftovers beans and cornbread – Paxton eats 3 servings of beans and was so excited we had beans for lunch!

Reading Milly Molly Mandy

1:00 :: Lunch is finished and we’re sitting down to read a chapter in The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook. We received this book from Nannie last week and they’re really enjoying this one too! We end up reading two chapters before rest time. At 1:30, Paxton heads to the playroom with a stack of books and Weston heads to their room with a book, his barn and a few animals. Weston reads and plays before coming out around 1:55 saying “I not tired” which really means, “I’m tired, mama rock me.” We sit down and start rocking.

Napping Boy

2:00 :: Weston is sleeping. We’ve been trying over the past few weeks to get him to nap on his own. We’ve had a few successes but most days I end up rocking him. (Hopefully he’ll start napping on his own within the next month!) With Weston sleeping and Paxton quietly playing, I sit down to start working on our meal plan for the next few weeks.

Meal Planning3:00 :: Meal planning and looking for some new recipes. Paxton finishes his rest time at 3:30 and joins me in my room. He colors while I continue working on the meal plan. (And, the amount of time it is taking makes me want to start using a bi-weekly meal plan again!) Weston wakes up around 3:50. He’s cranky and wants to be held so I hold him.

Snack Time4:00 :: Both boys are hungry so I fix them a snack of homemade bread with apple butter. They received a package in the mail from their Mimi which was a loaf of bread! (Paxton was FaceTiming with her the other day while she was baking bread and asked for some, so she sent him a loaf!) He was so, so excited to open his package of bread! We FaceTime with Mimi while they’re snacking. Once we say goodbye to Mimi, we start the process of bundling up to head outside to play in the snow (which is mostly gone by now.)

Playing Outside5:00 :: The boys are having a blast outside in the ‘snow’. They don’t want to come in. We take off all their layers and then I start supper. Since John David works late on Thursdays, we often do snack suppers. Tonight the boys had bread, cheese, apple and orange slices and cubed avocado while I made nachos out of leftover pinto beans, cheese and avocado.

Remains of Dinner6:00 :: Dinner time is over and the area is a disaster! I decide to make a strawberry sorbet as a little dessert and we eat and enjoy that. Then I start cleaning up in the dining room and kitchen – sweeping, washing dishes and putting things away.

Clean Kitchen

7:00 :: The kitchen is tidy and it’s time to pick up in the living room and playroom to complete our evening routine. Once we finish tidying, it’s time to take our FCLO (fermented cod liver oil), brush teeth, put on pajamas, read bedtime stories, say prayers and go to bed. We follow this routine every night and they don’t let us skip a step! Tonight we read about Noah in The Jesus Storybook Bible and our last chapter in The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook. I leave and the boys fall asleep easily tonight. (Always a blessing on daddy’s late night!)

Sleeping Boys

8:00 :: Two sleeping boys! I finally finish my meal plan, make out my grocery list and start writing this blog post while waiting for my hubby to get home.

So, that’s how I spent 8 am to 8 pm in January 2014. Other than my husband working late, today was a pretty typical weekday for us. Monday-Thursdays are pretty much the same with Friday, Saturday and Sunday being a bit less structured due to daddy being off and going to church.

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*As I was scrolling through these posts from the last two years, I noticed that I happen to be wearing the same flannel shirt this year as I was last year! (Proof of my minimal wardrobe!) I love this shirt…it’s almost too small for me thanks to my growing belly but it’s so comfortable. And, Weston wore the same pants that Paxton wore in the 2012 post…yay for hand-me-downs!

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Chapter Books

January 2014 was full of lots of time reading, creative play inside and taking advantage of the warmer days to get outside and burn some energy!

At the beginning of the year, we started reading Little House in the Big Woods and read it within a few days. I wasn’t sure how the boys would do with a chapter book but Paxton loved it – sitting right beside me and listening. Weston wasn’t quite as engaged but that’s to be expected for a 2 year old!  Then we started reading Farmer Boy and The Milly Molly Mandy Storybook. We have a few more chapters left in Farmer Boy and are excited about starting Little House on the Prairie next!


When John David and I were discussing our ‘goals’ for the new year, one of them was to limit our kids to 30 minutes of screen time a day. This means television and iPad/iPhone usage. We have seen positive results from it. They’re no longer begging to watch something and their imaginations have really taken off. While 30 minutes is the objective, we’ve gone several days at a time with no screen time at all. It’s been fun to listen to them pretending to be Almanzo and Royal (from Farmer Boy) and Milly Molly Mandy and Little Friend Susan (from The Milly Molly Mandy Storybook). Blankets are used as forts, cabins, beds, beaches and cardboard boxes are some of their favorite toys. Our home looks messy most days but these boys of mine are having fun.
28 Weeks

Baby #3 is growing, growing, growing. This picture was taken at the very beginning of January when I was 28 weeks pregnant, I’m now 31.5 weeks and the belly is even bigger! We have a very active little one that we can hardly believe we’ll be meeting in 2 months or so. There’s not much to do in preparation for baby since we really don’t need much. (By #3, we’ve realized how little babies really need.) We have gender neutral newborn clothes, diapers, a carseat, swaddle blankets and a baby carrier and feel ready for baby’s arrival!

One of the big focuses of this month has been teaching Weston to nap on his own since I rock him to sleep everyday. While we’ve not reached the goal, we have had a few days where he has read books and then fallen asleep on his own. This gives us hope that in a few more weeks he’ll be able to nap on his own daily by the time baby arrives. Although,Paxton has offered to rock the baby every afternoon so I can still rock Weston (such a sweet big brother – if only it was as easy as this plan sounds!)

This past Tuesday, it snowed!! It hasn’t snowed here in 3 years (when Paxton was just 8 months old!) I hope for at least one snow every winter and I don’t know who was more excited – me or the boys! The boys loved the snow. We bundled up in several layers and headed outside when it first started snowing and then came in and watched it accumulate throughout the afternoon.

Tractor in the Snow

Daddy even got his new (to us) tractor out and gave the boys a wagon ride! (He purchased this small tractor as a mower/tractor to use for ‘farming’ on our leased land!) We have plans to expand our agricultural efforts in 2014. And, when I say we, I really mean John David. I will have a new baby this spring and will adjusting to life with 3 little ones. So, I doubt I’ll be much help when it comes to growing plants and animals.

We’re looking forward to February, savoring the last few weeks as a family of 4 and looking forward to soon becoming a family of 5!

Living Clutterfree

Is it possible to live clutterfree when you have kids?

Kids start accumulating stuff before they’re even born. The marketing of baby items to new parents is amazing – there are so many items that are touted as ‘must haves’. Baby registries often contain dozens of items – most of which are really unnecessary.

By the time baby arrives, he usually has a room full of possessions – a closet full of multiple sizes of clothing,  toys and books, a crib, changing table, dresser, swing, bouncer and more. Then the holidays come and baby is given more, then baby has a birthday and before long the family is drowning in baby gear, toys and clothing.

While this is the typical scenario, it does not have to be true for you.

Living clutterfree with kids is possible.

It’s not necessarily easy, but as the parent, you have the ability to choose to be intentional about the amount of possessions your children have.

Choosing to believe that you can live clutterfree with kids, only buy what you need and pass on items as they are outgrown are simple steps to start you on the path towards clutterfree living.

Clutterfree with Kids

Do you feel like you need more inspiration and advice about living clutterfree with kids?

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist has a new book, Clutterfree with Kids, which will help you change your thinking, discover new habits and free your life.

The book isn’t about buying things to help you get organized so your home appears to be clutterfree. Instead, it challenges you to think about your lifestyle and really change the way you live. You can choose to own less, consume less and live a simpler, clutterfree life.

Clutterfree with Kids encourages you to simplify toys, clothes, sentimental items, schedules and more without feeling overwhelmed. One of the most encouraging aspects of the book are the ‘stories of change’ from parents telling how they have simplified their possessions and sharing the benefits of clutterfree living.

The chapters are short and encouraging which makes the book an easy read for parents.

While we consider our family to be minimal and our home is mostly clutterfree, this book still challenged me to evaluate our home and simplify a little more – especially as we’re preparing for the arrival of baby number 3 in a few weeks.

We will soon have 5 people living in our 1,300 square foot home, which leaves no room for clutter. But, it is possible to live clutterfree with kids.

 Do you live clutterfree with kids?