Since Cecilia will be 1 tomorrow, I thought it was about time to share a little tour of her nursery.

Before she was born, we had the crib in the boys room. The plan was for all 3 kids to share a bedroom and have a playroom. Once she was born, we decided that separating the boys from the baby might be the best thing for everybody’s sleep. Plus, I had a daughter and could decorate with pink!! We turned the former playroom into Cecilia’s nursery.

This room actually has been a nursery 3 times now – it was Paxton’s original bedroom when we moved into this house, it was Weston’s room for a few months when we separated the boys and now is her room.

The crib was originally Weston’s, I bought hot pink with white polka dot cribs sheets, made the bunting banner (using a simple tutorial from Sewing School 101) and spray painted the ‘C’ teal.

Changing Table

We bought this dresser changing table when I was pregnant with her and sold our open shelving changing table. Our family made most of the elements of her gallery wall, the boys painted the canvas on the upper left, her daddy made her ribbon holder and I painted the other 4 canvases.

Rocking Chair

I also painted the ‘ABC’ canvas and we moved the rocking chair from the living room into her nursery. (This rocking chair was a Christmas present from John David before we had babies! When he gave it to me, I just knew I’d use it to rock babies to sleep in the future – I was right, it’s gotten a lot of rocking so far!)

ClosetHere’s a glimpse in her closet. That big tote holds hand-me-downs for the future and the drawers currently hold clothes that she’ll soon grow into. She has a few dresses hanging and a few sweaters in the basket but most of her clothes are stored in the dresser.

We currently keep very few toys in her room. We keep a small basket in her that holds her baby doll, a few teethers, soft books and a few little baby toys. Babies really don’t need much stuff! She also has some chunky puzzles and wooden blocks in our learning area. And, honestly, she prefers playing with brothers toys or a cardboard box over any of her baby toys.

So, that’s Cecilia’s sweet little nursery. Very simple and minimal with girly touches of hot pink and teal!

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It’s hard to believe February has already come and gone. I can hardly believe that March is here and my baby girl will be one in a few weeks.

Here are some of the happenings for the Boreing family in February:Little Cowboy Helper

Weston loves being in the kitchen with me. He’s learning to wash dishes and is doing a great job with them. Wearing his little cowboy hat in the kitchen is just too cute! Playing Uno

Paxton is such a big kid these days. We’ve been teaching him to play Uno and he’s doing quite well. We’ve spent several of our winter nights playing games with him. It’s so much fun having a child that is old enough to really play games!Snuggles

My days are spent doing lots of snuggling with my little people and the cold February days have been perfect for this!
Daddy Daughter

We didn’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day but I did make sure to take a picture of Miss Cecilia with her daddy on Valentine’s Day! This is a tradition I plan to continue with these two. 11 Months Old

Cecilia was 11 months old on the 20th!

Here are some milestones from 10 to 11 months:

  • Weighed 19#4oz at her checkup
  • Nosy – pulling things out of drawers and cabinets
  • Cut her first tooth (bottom left). It poked through on February 5th
  • Has 2 teeth (bottom)
  • Can stand up without holding on to anything
  • Wearing 12 month clothes
  • Loves feeding herself
  • Nurses about 5 times a day
  • Mostly sleeping through the night – wakes every few nights

She is an absolute joy and such a blessing to our family!

Lego Game

John David’s parents visited in mid-February and brought a lot of Legos that belonged to John David as a child. We’ve had a lot of fun building with Legos in the past few weeks! We have been playing ‘The Lego Game’ as a family. We take a dice and our container of Legos and start building. Whatever number you roll (1-6) is the number of Legos you can add. We all enjoy playing this game. It’s fun creating a wacky Lego structure and it’s great for preschoolers because nobody wins or loses – we just have fun!

Snow Angel

We woke up to a surprise snow on February 24. There wasn’t a lot of snow but there was enough to get out and play for a bit. The boys enjoyed making snow angels.
Little Snow Angel

Weston makes an adorable little snow angel. Mama Daughter

Cecilia and I even dressed up and went out for a few minutes!Baby's First Snow

She really liked touching the snow and she probably would have stayed out much longer and ate a lot of snow but I thought it was too chilly for a baby to be out too long.

February Snow

We had a ‘big snow’ the next day. It started snowing on Wednesday evening, February 25th and we woke up to a winter wonderland the next day! The boys had a big time playing in this snow!

They built a pretty big snowman with their daddy and even gave him a real carrot nose (they were tickled that I gave them a real carrot!)Busy Girl

Cecilia is more of a toddler than a baby these days and she’s into everything! Her favorite spot in the house currently is a drawer in the bathroom that contains her daddy’s hair cutting kit, beard balm, nail clippers (nothing dangerous or hazardous). If the bathroom door is left open, you better believe she’ll be exploring that drawer! She also enjoys the ‘kid’ drawer in the kitchen and rearranges the dishes in there and she also enjoys pulling clothes and diapers out of her dresser. It’s adorable to watch her pull things out and then put them back in – such serious work for a little one!Mama and Pax

The last weekend of the month, Paxton and I had a date. We ran several errands and went out to a favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. What a joy this boy is and it was neat to have a child with me running errands but not have to undo any carseats (he is able to buckle and unbuckle himself in his booster)! We also decided that dates need to happen more often.

Things I enjoyed in February:

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This year is off to a great start. January was a full, yet very relaxing and restful month.  We had a few cold days and several spring like days this January so it doesn’t quite feel like winter!

Bread Bakers

The boys have been helping me in the kitchen quite a bit lately. We started our own wild sourdough starter and have been experimenting with sourdough.

Kitchen Help

This is a pretty accurate glimpse into my life. It seems like no matter where I am, I have 3 little people right there beside me. They all love to be in the kitchen. Paxton enjoys helping me cook, Weston loves washing dishes/playing in the water and Cecilia is obsessed with the dishwasher! I’m learning to slow down, not be so task oriented and enjoy having them working alongside me.
Playing Games

One of our Saturday mornings included an outing to Cracker Barrel for brunch. The boys love playing the ‘peg game’!


Holding a sleeping baby never, ever gets old! Every night, I nurse her to sleep and some nights, once she’s asleep, I pull her up on my chest and just hold her. It’s moments like these I never want to forget!
First Piggy Tails

Miss Cecilia had her hair fixed in piggy tails for the first time in mid-January. So, so cute and she looks so big when I fix her hair!

We had a solid week of amazing weather. So, we went to the park down the road a couple days and just enjoyed being outside without jackets in January! Cecilia is big enough to play now, she was climbing some steps, crawling every where and even slid with me! 

My Helper

Weston spent a few days with his Mimi and Papaw so Paxton was my big helper for a few days! We were planning to bake bread so he ran into the kitchen and got everything ready. He’s such a fun kid.

10 Months Old

Cecilia was 10 months old on the 20th.

Here are some milestones from 9 to 10 months old:

    • Can stand unsupported for a few seconds
    • Started pushing the walker wagon all around the house
    • Started saying ‘mama’ ‘dada’ and some other babble on January 16th. It was like a flip switched! She now hollers ‘mama’ when she wants me!
    • Finally enjoying foods and has quite the appetite.
    • Crawls on her hands and feet, not her knees.
    • If her brothers close their bedroom door, she ‘knocks’ and cries because she wants in.
    • Has a huge little smile.
    • Nursing 5 times during the day and once during the night.

10 Months

Her monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to take because she won’t stay still!First Snow

We had a very light dusting of snow on the 27th! The boys have been talking about snow all winter so I brought them all outside as soon as they woke up. Only in the south do people get excited about such a teeny amount of snow. This was Cecilia’s first time seeing snow.

Georgia Snow

Our happy Georgia boys looking at the thin layer of snow on their picnic table! John David and Rachel

One of my ‘goals’ for 2015 is to do a better job taking pictures of ‘just us’. We have very few pictures of just the two of us from the past 4.5 years and I hope to change that this year! 50th

We celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday the weekend of January 30. We had a low-key birthday celebration that was just lovely.
Mom birthdayMy dad, sister and I filled up a jar of 50 notes. The notes included why we’re thankful for her and memories!

January 2015 was a lovely month and I’m hoping the mild winter weather continues into February.


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Here’s a glimpse into a day in my life as a stay at home mama of three on January 26, 2015.

8 am

8:00 :: I am up already an in the living room with a cozy blanket. My baby girl actually slept all night which is very rare and I’m well rested and excited to begin the day. All of my littles ones are still sleeping so I enjoy a very quiet, quiet time in the living room with my Bible, a parenting book and my planner. My husband joins me around 8:30 and we talk for a few minutes and pray together. Around 8:45, the kids start waking up.

9 am

9:00 :: All of the kids are up now. John David brings Cecilia to me as he’s leaving for work. I change her diaper and then nurse her. The boys start playing while I’m nursing. As soon as I finish nursing, I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

10 am

10:00 :: Cecilia is eating her breakfast while I prepare the boys eggs. The boys look at Paxton’s Awana book while waiting to eat. We all eat breakfast. After breakfast, we read Paxton’s Awana lesson and go over his verse for the week. Then I start cleaning the kitchen, taking out compost and loading the dishwasher while the boys sit at the table and color. (This picture of the boys sums up their personalities – sweet, silly Weston and serious Paxton!)

11 am

11:00 :: I’m finally finished cleaning the kitchen and start the dishwasher. I get everybody dressed for the day, start a load of laundry and then we read books. (Our homeschool ‘preschool’ basically is reading a lot of good books!) After reading, I head to the kitchen to start prepping lunch.

12 pm

12:00 :: Weston is helping me prepare lunch. Most days we have simple ‘snack lunches’ (vegetables, fruits, cheese, nuts). Our lunch was radishes, celery, guacamole, apples, peanut butter and cheese. We eat our lunch and linger at the table after we’re finished eating and color some more. While the boys are still coloring, I move the clothes to the dryer and then go back into the kitchen to do some dinner prep.

1 pm

1:00 :: I’m still in the kitchen, cleaning up our lunch dishes as well as continuing to work on dinner. The boys are playing in their room and Cecilia is with me in the kitchen.

2 pm

2:00 :: I’m nursing the baby down for her nap and enjoying the baby snuggles and the quiet. While I’m nursing the boys are quietly playing and ‘resting’.

3 pm

3:00 :: The boys are watching TV and the baby is still sleeping. I run out to the mailbox to check the mail, get the laundry out of the dryer, fold laundry and start a load of laundry. Cecilia wakes from her nap and I fix the boys a snack.

4 pm

4:00 :: The boys are eating their snack (these growing boys stay hungry!) Cecilia is with me in the kitchen playing with some puzzles while I’m working in the kitchen, doing some more dinner prep. I also send some messages to several ladies, inviting them to the Mom’s Group I lead at church.

5 pm

5:00 :: I’m back in the kitchen! My days seem to revolve around preparing food for my growing family! This time I’m in the kitchen to start cooking dinner. While I’m working on dinner, my sister calls and I talk to her for a few minutes.  The boys are playing while I’m in the kitchen and Cecilia is playing with them some and in the kitchen with me too.

6 pm

6:00 ::  My husband has just arrived home! I’m still cooking dinner so he takes the boys out to the garage for a few minutes while I finish up. Dinner is finally finished around 6:30 and we sit down to eat!

7 pm

 7:00 :: We’re all still sitting at the table together finishing up dinner. Oh, how I love our family dinner conversations these days now that our boys are getting older! I start cleaning up the kitchen and John David encourages the boys to start tidying up their toys.

8 pm

8:00 :: We’re in the kitchen starting our night time routine of FCLO/butter oil and cell salts (we take cell salts #1 and #2 for teeth). After we take our oils, we get all the kids into their pajamas, brush teeth and I start nursing the baby. I talk to my mom briefly and then we start reading bedtime books.

9 pm

9:00 :: We’re finishing up reading our bedtime books and John David gets the boys in bed while I’m nursing and holding the baby. She is finally asleep so we put her down for the night. I read a little bit, talk to John David and then we head to bed. (We’re night owls but lately we’ve been shifting towards going to bed earlier because we’re so tired at the end of our days!)

So that’s 8 am to 9 pm in January 2015. This is a pretty accurate glimpse of our days during this season of life – we stay home a lot and just savor the simplicity of life with little ones!

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