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Unlike a library, though, you don’t have to spend years building it up. The Ultimate Bundles team has done the hard work for you, searching the web to find the very best eBooks from top homemaking authors and combining them into one essential collection that you can buy in one simple purchase.

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I’m confident you won’t find a more comprehensive set of homemaking resources anywhere — and certainly not at this price. Bought separately, they’d cost a total of $698 (not including $200+ in bonuses!). But you can have all of them for just $29.97!

See the full list of 80+ eBooks, audio files, eCourses & printable packs included in the sale.



You asked, we listened. We’ve heard from many who want to buy the bundle, but simply don’t have it in the budget until May 1st. Since the sale ends for good on Monday, April 28th @ 11:59 PM, we’ve come up with a way for you to have your cake and eat it, too. From now until the sale ends on Monday night, you can choose to order the bundle but defer payment until May 1st.

By choosing this option, you are purchasing the bundle today, but your card will be charged on May 1st, 2014 in the full amount of $39.97 (Kindle version) or $29.97 (PDF version). Once it has been processed, you will receive access to your bundle.

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In addition to all the amazing eResources, this bundle includes the best bonus offers it’s ever had, including:

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Learn more about the bonus offers.

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This huge wealth of information and guidance will be right there on your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Kindle, whenever you need it.

Here’s what you need to know about the sale:

When? 8 a.m. EST Wednesday, April 23 until 11:59 p.m. EST Monday, April 28

What? 78 eBooks, 2 eCourses, 2 audio files, and 2 printable packs PLUS over $200 worth of bonus products you’ll really use!

Where? Purchase the bundle here.

How much? Well now, that’s the best part. The entire package is worth nearly $900, and it’s selling for less than $30. Sweet deal, right?

Want to learn more? Read about what this amazing bundle offers—or just buy it now!

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Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, April 23 to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, April 28th.


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Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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Have you purchased your Ultimate Homemaking Bundle yet?

It’s a really awesome deal, with $698 worth of eBooks for $29.97!

Last year, when I heard about the bundle sale, I knew it was a great deal but there were several eBooks I already owned or didn’t interest me.

Did you know you can gift those eBooks? Yes, as long as you delete them from your computer, you can gift the eBooks you already own or won’t read! You could print the eBook out or just email the recipient the file.

I gave several of the eBooks from last years bundle sale to my mother and mother-in-law as a clutter free Mothers Day gift and I gave my sister the ABCs for Godly Girls since I didn’t have a daughter then!

Here are some eBook gifting ideas:

1. Sewing School 101 ($11.99)

sewing school 101

Pair a copy of this book along with pins, needles, thread and scissors to someone who wants to learn how to sew.

2. Discipleship & Discipline : Practical Parenting Help for the Desperate Mom eCourse ($17.99)

discipleship and discipline

Gift this eCourse, along with a copy of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe to a new mama. Both of these resources are encouraging for mothers.

3. Homeschooling Books

If you’re not a homeschooler, don’t have kids or have grown children, the homeschooling books could be given to a homeschooling family. Homeschoolers love books and learning resources! The homeschooling books in the bundle are worth $64.95.

4. Pregnancy & Babies Books

If you’re past the pregnancy and baby season of life, these books would make a great gift for a mama to be – especially one who just announced her pregnancy. The pregnancy and baby books are valued at $38.91

5. Meal Planning Made Easy ($6.99)

meal planning made easy

For a bridal shower, a copy of Meal Planning Made Easy along with a kitchen item(s) from the registry would make a wonderful gift.

Even if you don’t want all of the books that are included in the bundle, I’m pretty certain the ones that do interest you are worth more than $29.97! Plus, you receive bonuses worth over $200!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle


This post contains affiliate links. Sales of this bundle help support this site.

I love reading and learning more about the things that interest me.

For me, once I graduated college and finished formal schooling, my real learning began. I finally was able to pursue the subjects that I was passionate about and educate myself.

As an avid reader who dislikes clutter, I’ve come to love eBooks. You can own a book without it taking up extra space in your home and creating clutter. Plus, eBooks tend to be less expensive than traditional books.

Here are some of my current favorite eBooks:

Real Food on a Real Budget

real food on a real budget

Real Food on a Real Budget is a wonderful resource if you’re wanting to change your eating habits but feel overwhelmed by the cost of real food. Eating quality, nutritious, real food doesn’t have to break the bank, it really can be done on a budget. From budgeting tips like using cash, to different meal planning techniques and eating what’s in season, you’ll learn how to stretch your dollars while eating well.


The Preschool Journey

the preschool journey

The Preschool Journey is a hands-on preschool curriculum to help you prepare your child for kindergarten. The book contains organizing tips, lesson plans for an entire preschool year and printables to go along with the lessons. I love the fun, simple learning activities in The Preschool Journey and plan on incorporating them into our preschool learning along with our Sonlight books.


The Minimalist Mom’s Guide to Baby’s First Year

minimalist moms guide to babys first year

The Minimalist Mom’s Guide to Baby’s First Year proves that babies really don’t need lots of stuff. I wish I would have read this book when I was expecting my first baby! Ideas like creating a sharing circle for baby items and valuing help more than things really will help to keep the baby clutter at bay. Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your fourth, this book will remind you of what you really need for baby (and it’s a lot less than you think!)

Do any of these books interest you?

If so, they’re all part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale!

The cost of these 3 books – $30.95

  • Real Food on a Real Budget $18.97
  • The Preschool Journey $6.99
  • The Minimalist Mom’s Guide to Baby’s First Year $4.99

You could buy them individually or you could purchase the bundle for $29.97 and receive 78 eBooks (including these 3!) as well as 2 audio files, 2 eCourses and 2 printable packs!



This Homemaking Bundle is an awesome deal – especially if you love to read and learn! You’ll have a library of information covering topics like food, homemaking, motherhood, babies and more. And, the best part – they’re eBooks so nothing will clutter up your home!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle



This post contains affiliate links. Sales of this bundle help support this site.


I’m so excited to finally share my new eBook with you!

Cloth Diapers: A How-To Handbook on the Basics of Cloth Diapering was written to answer questions for parents new to the idea of cloth diapering. It covers the different types of cloth diapers, changing cloth diapers, handling dirty cloth diapers, cloth diapering a newborn and more.

Here’s the table of contents so you can see what’s covered in the book:


I started working on this project in January 2013 and was almost finished when I found out I was expecting baby #3 – then morning sickness and tiredness hit and the eBook was pushed to the back burner for months. At the beginning of 2014, I was determined to finish the project before baby arrived!

I officially finished the book on March 2, just 18 days before baby Cecilia arrived! After finishing, I decided to wait to release the book. One reason was due to the fact that I was expecting a baby any day.

The main reason I delayed the release is because it is a part of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

Instead of selling the book at $5.99, I wanted to wait and give you a chance to purchase it as a part of this bundle and receive 78 eBooks along with 2 audio files, 2 Ecourses and 2 printable packs for $29.97! Plus, there are some great bonus offers worth over $200. This homemaking bundle really is an amazing deal!

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle

I’ll be sharing more about the book in the weeks to come. If you purchase the bundle, I’d love to hear what you think about my book!


This post contains affiliate links. Sales of this bundle help support this site.
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Cloth Diapers: A How-To Handbook on the Basics of Cloth Diapering
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