Our New Van

A few months ago, we bought a van!

I was resistant to the idea of driving a minivan up until the birth of our second baby. After he was born, the thought of power sliding doors had me dreaming of minivans!

Our family car was a small SUV that comfortably fit 2 carseats in the back but we wanted to have 2 vehicles that could fit our family (my husband had a compact truck.)

We had a car savings account since both of our vehicles were older and our goal was to pay cash when the time came to purchase a new car.

When Weston was a few months old, we realized that between our car savings, some of our tax return and the sale of the truck, we could purchase a used van with cash!

At this point we started researching vans and had the luxury of waiting for a good deal. We looked for a few months without success and then one day my father-in-law told us that one of his neighbors had a van for sale.

The van looked nice, the miles were low and the price was under our budget! My in-laws took it for a test drive and both liked it. John David and I both had a peace about the purchase and could pay cash without the sale of his truck so we purchased the van.

The van, a 2004 Nissan Quest, had everything on our ‘want list’ (mainly power sliding doors) and more! It has leather seats, a power lift gate and a DVD player (which we’ve yet to use… saving it for a long road trip!)

We absolutely love our minivan! It’s great that we can have room for extra passengers.  And, we hope to expand our family sometime in the next few years so it will be nice to already have a vehicle that can accommodate 3 children and their carseats!

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  1. Congratulations!! This is really great, and finding one under budget is another testimony to God's faithfulness to us. Wow! We have been able to pay cash for all of our (previously owned) vehicles and it is certainly a blessing. For readers who might be wishing/needing to upgrade to a larger vehicle with cash, but aren't able to for whatever reason, there is a brand of carseat that you can fit 3 across in even a compact car. It is the Diono brand. They are considerably more expensive than your standard car-seat, but easier to save for a smaller item than a new car. 🙂 We drive a Buick LeSabre (a "grandpa car", but with leather seats, low mileage and a "luxury" car, we knew it would fit our needs for several years) and plan to use it until we need room for a 4th car-seat. We currently have 2 girls, one we just upgraded to a Diono, and we need to start saving for when the baby will upgrade to a Diono from her carrier-style seat.

    Happy riding!!

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I found it on Covenant Homemaking's comments. I too have a high needs baby and 2 year old, and the Fussy Baby Book does encourage me! I don't know anyone else who has a high needs baby like mine, and most people make negative comments about him and my 2 year old. Hoping to get encouragement from you!

    1. High needs babies are challenging but such a blessing! I really feel like these past 10 months with my high needs little one have made me a better mother! And, don't even listen to the negative comments, people don't know your baby and what he needs! And, I firmly believe you cannot spoil little babies, hold them and love them (and that's exactly what the high needs baby wants!)

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