Our Financial Story: We’re Moving

Moving to Georgia

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In August 2010, John David was told of an opportunity as a Technical Director at a church in Georgia. When he first mentioned it, we talked about it but didn’t think much of it.

As the weeks passed, we started talking about the possibility of taking a new job and even visited the church. A week or so later, John David went down for an interview and then was offered the job which he accepted.

We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy move since we owned a home. In mid-September, we put our house on the market and prayed that it would sell quickly.

Meanwhile, we were preparing to move and trying to find somewhere to live in Georgia. We only had a day to look and since we were moving the next week, we started to feel pressured. Finally, after hours of searching, we found a condo tucked in at the back of an apartment complex. We called for more information. We found the rent was absolutely outrageous (like almost everywhere else in the area) but we were desperate at this point and asked if we could have a tour.

We liked the condo, it was exactly what we needed but we still couldn’t get over the price. We ran our numbers quickly to see if we could make it paying rent and our mortgage and thankfully the numbers worked out. It was going to be quite tight until our house sold but we could manage. We didn’t factor my income in to the budget but I was steadily working 20 hours a month so we knew we could always use my checks for groceries if for some reason things happened to get tighter. And, we also had a 3 month emergency fund so we felt secure, but we hoped we wouldn’t have to dip into that emergency fund.

Our Condo

At the beginning of October we moved into our condo in Georgia and started living on the tightest budget we had lived on since we were married. Paying rent plus a mortgage and home insurance for an unoccupied home isn’t fun. We cut all frivolous spending (there really wasn’t much to cut since we were already living on such a tight budget.) We reduced our grocery budget and started getting more creative with using up leftovers and what we had on hand. We cut our miscellaneous budget (which is everything but groceries) to a mere $25 a month and cut our recreation budget completely.

During the next few months, money was incredibly tight but we always had enough money to cover our expenses and we never did without anything we needed and never once worried that we weren’t going to be able to pay a bill. Our faith was strengthened during this time as we saw that God always provides.

Finally, after 5 months on the market, we accepted an offer on our home and closed on the house on February 25. What a relief it was to no longer be burdened with paying both rent and a mortgage. Since we had put 20% down on our first home, we had equity in our home so we walked away from the sale of our home with money that was to become our 20% downpayment for our next home.

After our home sold, we started getting more serious about our house hunting (we had started looking via the internet and had met with a realtor a month before closing on our house in Tennessee.)

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  1. Love your blog, Rachel! Thanks for sharing your "frugal living" stories. I love reading stories like this–where REAL people share their lives! God bless!

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