Our Financial Story: The Wedding

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“Plan a marriage, not a wedding.”

This was the ‘theme’ of our wedding planning. We were young, poor, in love and really could care less about an extravagant wedding! In fact, we even considered eloping to avoid wasting money on a wedding.

My daddy gave me a dollar figure that we had to work with for the wedding and told us that whatever we were under, he would write us a check for that amount. Now that’s motivation for frugal wedding planning! Plus, we already wanted to have a simple wedding which goes hand in hand with an inexpensive wedding.

Ways we kept our wedding costs down:

  • First of all, I borrowed my dress. (I know some people think that is horrible. I love that I did because it cost nothing and I don’t have a wedding dress hanging in the back of my closet that I don’t want to get rid of because of sentimental reasons.)
  • We didn’t use many flowers, in fact, we spent less than $150 on flowers all together.
  • John David’s grandmother made our wedding cake and the groom’s cake. They were lovely and I love looking at the pictures of the cakes and thinking that she made them for us.
  • We kept the reception simple with cake and punch.
  • A dear friend of John David’s family and my aunt took our wedding pictures on our wedding day. They all turned out fabulous and I have no regrets about that decision. A week later, we went to a professional photographer and had some shots of us made. We only had to pay a sitting fee and one year later I finally ordered a few of these pictures when I was able to pay cash for them.
  • We honeymooned in a town 2 hours away from where we were married and it cost us nothing thanks to John David’s parents time share.

When you’re focused on planning a marriage, you begin to realize that being financially responsible in order to begin your marriage on a solid financial footing is more important than any wedding dress, reception or pictures.

After the wedding, my daddy wrote us a nice little check which we added to our small savings which ultimately became our house downpayment.

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  1. My husband and I had a VERY small wedding, and I love talking about it.
    – We got married on our anniversary – exactly 5 years of dating.
    – We invited immediate family only (me) and his parents and grandparents (him), so that the invite list was sort of even (I have multiple siblings and attached people, he's an only child)
    – The ceremony was in the park outside the courthouse in a city very close to our families (we live far away, and we traveled instead of them)
    – The officiant was a retired sheriff who turned out to be awesome.
    – Each of the guests brought daffodils – my only flower request.
    – A friend of ours, a professional photographer, took pictures. My in-laws paid for them as our wedding present.
    – We had bubbles while pictures were taken. It was so happy and cheerful.
    – We didn't have attendants, so everybody just wore whatever. The pictures illustrate that it's just us, as we are, and our family, as they are.
    – My husband wore clothes he already owned. I bought a skirt and top that I've worn several times since.
    – Our reception was a private room at a restaurant.
    – Our cake was a surprise from my sister, who worked at a catering company. Our only request was a chocolate cake with white frosting, and it turned out beautiful – with berries inside! A great surprise.
    – We planned to pay for the whole thing ourselves, so we kept it small and inexpensive. I think the most expensive thing was our hotel, and we stayed at a mid-range one. The next most expensive was my brother's plane ticket, because we adamantly wanted him there and he couldn't have afforded one on his own.
    – Apparently my parents had saved money for our wedding, and we didn't know, so we got a quite nice check from them as a bonus.
    Ah, happy. 🙂

  2. Requested a moderately simple wedding, but was important to my mom to make it a big deal…so we didn't get a check, which as I've reflected it was her choice to spend our budget, awkward, but whatever. It was gorgeous and fun and my parents are so good to us. C'est la vie! (Such is life!)

    1. I'm sure that was a bit frustrating! We actually wanted to elope {that sounds so romantic and practical} but my daddy wanted to walk me down the aisle and you can't say no to that!

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