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First Mother’s Day

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In April 2010, we welcomed our son and my life long dream of  being a mama was fulfilled as well as the dream of our marriage, that I would stay home with our children when they arrived.

From the moment Paxton was born, we had no regrets about saying no to new cars, furniture, eating out frequently and spending frivolously during the past years. We were thankful that we had lived below our means our entire marriage and that having a baby did not create a financial burden for us.


Staying at home does mean that we have less financially. We can’t afford to go out to eat often and have some things we would like but it’s also full of priceless moments like simply watching your baby sleeping during the middle of the day or taking a nap with him on your chest. So many funny (and sometimes trying) moments happen during the days and I’m so thankful I am with Paxton, sharing in these milestones.

Quick Sink Bath

Although I call myself a stay at home mom, I’m really a work at home mom. Once Paxton arrived, I didn’t miss a beat with my job transcribing from home. As the months passed, it became harder and harder to care for an active baby and work but thanks to long naps and daddy taking over during the evenings and weekends. I’m only working around 20 hours a month which isn’t a lot of money but it’s money that we’ve used to pay down the principal on our home and set aside in a car savings account (which is necessary when you are driving 10 year old cars.)

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  1. You made the right decision! Staying with our kid's is priceless! but how do you deal with feeling's of disappointment for not being able to buy news clothes when you want, not being able to eat out so much and not being able to change a car and buying wherever you want ? I have the same situation here at home but now and then I feel so stressful and sometimes I cry for feeling worried about our financial future..

    1. Molly,

      Staying home definitely comes with some sacrifices. We live on a tight budget and at times it is frustrating that we have to be so careful with our money {we love to eat out but we can't eat out as often as we'd like because we can't afford it!}. I used to have the same frustrations as you. We do consider ourselves to be very minimal so I don't really have a desire to shop for new clothes and other stuff. {And please don't think this attitude towards stuff makes me feel any better than other people, it's just not something I struggle with now.}

      One book I'd suggest is One Thousand Gifts, it's about being thankful for all of the blessings you're surrounded with. Once you start counting gifts (staying home with children, not missing the cute things they say during the day, the clothes you do have, etc.) your heart begins to be thankful and content! And, even if you don't want to read the book, you can start counting the gifts in your life!

      Praying for you!

  2. @Molly, it can be really hard to not wish for things that look fun or pretty or get overwhelmed by all the "old" things in one's life, and even when you tell yourself that you are making all the right choices, you still pine for other things. I can relate. In the past couple of years I have taken the time to make very intentional choices in my clothing and furnishings, surrounding myself with things I LOVE instead of things that are trendy. Sometimes I had to save up (quite a while), but it really makes a difference when the "wants" surface to the top. I can look around at my life and see all the things that I LOVE and the envy all gets washed away.

  3. Great conversation! I totally relate and have my share of jealousy issues that come and go as I see other friends (some stay at home mommas too!) have everything they want when they want it…
    But I really really am grateful for what I have when I stop and think. Making a mental list of all that I love about staying home is really essential, as well as the reasons I stay home and reasons why we budget (longing to be debt free is a big one).

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