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We began 2012 with some simple financial goals. We want to continue to pay down our mortgage debt and also save up to pay cash on a (new to us) van!

We’ve already paid several thousand towards our principal and thanks to our tax return and the refund from overpaying on medical bills, have set aside a few thousand dollars for a van.

We haven’t done everything perfectly over the years but we have been blessed. We were blessed with parents who modeled debt free living, blessed with discipline to say no to things we wanted since we had bigger goals in mind and most of all blessed by God who has always been faithful and provided for every need we’ve had.

It is my hope that you enjoyed reading our financial story. We haven’t done everything perfect and we’re far from being financial experts but we hope sharing our story is encouraging to others.


    1. Before Marriage
    2. The Wedding
    3. Married in College
    4. After Graduation
    5. Single Income, No Kids
    6. We’re Expecting
    7. Stay at Home Mama
    8.  We’re Moving
    9. Our New Home
    10. An Addition

If you have any questions regarding our financial story, our budgeting or need some encouragement in your finances, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. (rachel @ intentionallysimple . com)


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