Our Financial Story: An Addition

Baby Weston, due December 31, 2011

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One month after moving into our new home, after a few weeks of tiredness, I took a pregnancy test which was positive! In June, we discovered we were 4 weeks further along than we thought and baby #2 was due on December 31, 2011.

After finding out baby number two was on the way, we began to question if we even wanted to add on at all.  We were comfortable in our master bedroom with a half bathroom, doing laundry in the carport isn’t so bad and we don’t really need a room set aside solely for guests, which we rarely have. We’re content in our 1,300 square feet. (An added bonus, there isn’t much room for clutter in a home this small.)

Of course babies don’t really cost that much when you breastfeed, cloth diaper and live minimally but there are medical expenses. We budgeted for the medical expenses and paid each month. We also saved my entire check from my work at home job, after tithes and giving, for any extra expenses.

Weston was born December 22, 2011 and we began life as a family of 4!

We had several medical bills from his birth and pediatric care but thanks to our savings, we were prepared to pay them. Two months after paying our bills off, we received an unexpected refund check – we had overpaid the women’s center. We were able to pay back the $500 to our emergency fund and put the remainder of the refund into our car savings fund.

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