Our Financial Story: After Graduation

John David’s Graduation, May 2008

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When the Spring 2008 semester began, John David seriously began searching for jobs. He was hoping to land a job with the company he interned with the summer before or find a job using his technical abilities. He looked into a couple church media director positions and interviewed with Farm Credit Services.

In April of 2008, he was offered a job as a Financial Services Officer Trainee with Farm Credit Services in Columbia, Tennessee. He accepted the job and we began searching for apartments! We found a nice little 3-bedroom town home that was less than $500 a month.

Trip to Maine, May 2008

We moved to Columbia on May 5, 2008 and 3 days later took a trip to Maine as a graduation/our first real vacation trip. We paid cash for this trip which cost us around $1,500 for air fare, vehicle rental, hotels and food. (Sure, spending $1,500 on a vacation seems extravagant but we had money and were completely debt free right out of college!)

On May 27, 2008 (which was also our second anniversary), John David began working with Farm Credit Services. Before he received his first pay check we decided that we were going to live off of his income and keep our budget the same as it was when we were in college (minus increased rent) so we could continue adding to our downpayment savings. Now that he was out of school, we were looking forward to settling down and hoped to purchase a home within the next year or so with a 20% downpayment.

Rachel Graduation, August 2008

During the summer John David started work, I was working on finishing up my degree. It just so happened that I just lacked 10 hours to graduate so I studied hard during the days. I took and thankfully passed CLEP Biology and Microeconomics and had an Independent Study for my major.

I graduated in August 2008 (a year early, thank goodness…it would have been hard living apart from my husband for 2 semesters) but the degree was really of no use to me, I was unable to find a job in our new town. We had planned all through college that upon graduation we’d both get jobs, live off of John David’s income and save everything I earned, minus tithes. I was still transcribing from home a few hours each month so I was bringing in a little money. During the first few weeks I was bored out of my mind at home with nothing to do but I soon realized that by being at home, I was saving our family money. I began couponing and cooking more foods from scratch. We soon realized that my time was worth money to our family.

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  1. Yes! I have definitely found that we could save quite a bit by me staying at home as well. Between couponing, comparison shopping, and learning to DIY things that would have cost us so much more, making use of stay-at-home time is a must! I've worked from home my entire marriage and bringing in income that doesn't cost us in gas money is wonderful!

  2. Hooray! Love this series. Yes vacations in cash seem extravagant – but vacation is a treat and so it's worth every penny! Our first vacation married followed us home on a credit card, yuck. We didn't vacation the next year and then this year, two years later, we had our first cash vacation. We even came home with $200 to spare and NO regrets!

  3. "We soon realized that my time was worth money to our family." LOVE THAT! That should be the mantra for every stay-at-home-mom/wife.

    Now maybe I should get off blogs and do something with my valuable time. 😉

    1. I need to remind myself of this too! Between nursing and posting/commenting on blogs/FB/Twitter, I eat away at my valuable time. Thanks for this comment and reminder to me too! 🙂

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