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    1. 19 weeks today. Another boy would certainly be easy (we feel like we know boys after 2, hand-me-downs, etc!) but having a little girl would be fun too!

  1. Yay!!! That is so exciting – especially that you are waiting to find out. We did not wait with our girls but with the next, God Willing, I would love to wait.

    Are you going to post how your homeschooling with Sonlight is going? I am sure you are so busy but I think I might try that next year with our daughter.

    1. I have plans to share sometime soon(ish) about our Sonlight experience! But, I'll go ahead and tell you that both of my boys love all of their books so much so it's a wonderful investment!

  2. Another baby is exciting, but with two little guys already and the added fatigue of pregnancy, I'm sure it feels a little overwhelming at times. My very easy little girl baby was born almost four weeks ago, but I'm still wondering when people get the courage (and maybe mostly the unselfishness) to start another baby. As good as she is, I'm still tired!

    After having three little boys through foster care, my girlie is so much fun! Whether with this baby or another, I hope you get to experience a little girl sometime. Many blessings on you and your beautiful family. Children are a TREASURE from the Lord!

    1. There are definitely times that I think 'how in the world am I going to handle 3?!" but I know God will give me the grace and ability to handle another! All of my nesting energy thus far has been focused on streamlining our household management to hopefully make things easier once baby arrives! And my best advice to any new mama/mother of toddlers, is nap or at least rest when baby/toddler naps! I've been making rest a priority these days and it's making a big difference. We have no gender preference which makes it so fun, we'd be thrilled to have another boy but having a girl would be amazing too – I always dreamed of having a daughter!

  3. Congratulations!!!! This is what happens when I don't check in with you for a while?!?!? haha. I've been busy with my 6 year old and my newborn son – well, he's 5 1/2 months old now so it's time to get back into reading Intentionally Simple. Apparently, I've missed a lot! Congratulations. I am so happy for you.

    1. Thank you Jackie. And, 5 months is still little. I considered Weston my 'new baby' for a solid year – it took that long to adjust into our new normal! 🙂

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