Our Brick Ranch Home Tour

Brick Ranch Home Tour

In April, we decided we were going to sell our home and spent a few days thoroughly cleaning and taking pictures. I’ve been meaning to post them for a few months so you can have a glimpse into our home!

Our home is a basic little house built in the 70s, a  3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home totaling 1,343 square feet.

Here’s a glimpse inside:






Kids Room

Play Room

After a few days of intense cleaning, decluttering (and maybe a little shoving things into closets), the house looked amazing! In fact, it was exactly how I often dream our home should look – super clean and clutter free. But, getting it show ready and ‘perfect’ really was eye opening to me.

Instead of loving the clean, clutter free look, it felt too sterile! It didn’t feel like our home – there were no signs of real life within the walls! Those (maybe) 2 days that it was ‘perfect’ really have helped me appreciate the beautiful mess of real life.

This little home tour is showing our home at it’s best – it’s never, ever this clean on a daily basis, so please don’t think this is my reality! Next week, I’m going to share a keeping it real home tour so you can see glimpses of our reality.

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  1. Your house looks great! The floors are gleaming! We had our house inspected recently when we redid our mortgage and it too looked sterile for a couple of days. I couldn't wait to get the 'warmth' back in the house when that was done. I really like the read play learn grow art in your playroom or homeschool room. Do you mind sharing where you got it? It would look great in our homeschooling space.

    1. Thank you. The floors have a very shiny finish which is pretty but they show every speck of dirt. I painted the read, play, grow, learn art. I used chipboard letters as stencils!

  2. Although your home does look sterile ( but we know the reason ), i do like the simplicity of it. The rooms are simple and easy to live in. Don't change anything to your house, it looks great.

  3. Wow im so impressed how it look so simple and clean.Can it be our everyday?I like it that way.But I believe its still warm and lovely in there.Lets all work together for a simple clean but warm home.keep it up,”simplicity idol”♡♡♡

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