Organizing Cloth Diapers

Organizing cloth diapers is a part of cloth diapering since I love organization! I’m basically using the same set up I started with when my first child was born, we’ve just added more diapers for cloth diapering two.

I like the open shelves on our changing table, it makes grabbing diapers and wipes simple.

The hamper to the right of the changing table is where I place the soiled diapers during a change. (You don’t want dirty diapers near your older baby or toddler…they kick and grab which can get really gross really fast!)

The top shelf of the changing table holds diapers, wipes and our wet bags. The diapers stored on the top are the diapers we grab most often so it makes sense to have them on the top. The wipes ย are used for every change so they’re easy to reach on this shelf.

Our 2 wet bags and traveling wipes container are stored on the left of the top shelf. This smaller basket contains hook and loop diapers. I try to keep them separate from the snaps because it makes it easier to grab diapers to bring to church. (I always try to bring hook and loop diapers to church since they are so simple to use.)ย The cloth wipes are stored in an old wipes container.

The larger basket on the top shelf contains all of our bumGenius 4.0s. After trying several different brands and types of diapers, we’ve found that the bumGenius 4.0s are our favorites!

The lower shelf contains less frequently used diapers, doublers and covers.

We keep all of our pre-folds, covers and Flip stay dry inserts in one basket.

The bottom shelf also holds our Kawaii Baby Good Night Heavy Wetterย and a basket with doublers.

Keeping our cloth diapers organized makes it easy to change diapers since I know where everything is!

How do you organize your cloth diapers?

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  1. Makes it easier for grandmas and visitors who may change diapers to find what they need. I seriously need an organization system for my diapers. Right now I just throw them in a drawer or on the changing table wherever there is space.

  2. LOVE your set-up – so clean looking ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am about to buy containers to organize all my new cloth nappies and accessories. Where are your baskets from? Also, where do you put soiled nappies AFTER the basket? Assuming you don't keep them there… Finally, are your reusable wipes pre-wetted? I note you have them in a plastic sealed container and don't have a container of water on your table like I do (which is now the first thing my 6 month old want to grab – well, second, after the dirty nappy ;)! )

    Thanks, Janneke
    Recent cloth nappy convert ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. We purchased a few of the baskets at Goodwill, one was a gift and a couple came from Wal-Mart.

      After I place the diapers on the laundry basket while changing the baby, I bring them into the bathroom and place them in the diaper pail. {This post:… explains that step!} ๐Ÿ™‚

      My wipes are pre-wetted. I just lightly wet about 2 days worth of cloth wipes at a time and place them in the old wipes container. I've never had an issue with mold or smells because we use them up!

      Hope this helps! And yay for cloth diapering!

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