October at Our Home (Part 1)

October was a full month for our family – from visiting with family to special events and Halloween fun! This is a 2 part post because I had so many good pictures I wanted to share and little things I wanted to remember about this month!

Siblings Playing

This moment is the very first time Cecilia showed interest in exactly what the boys were playing with. All three of them sat and played with our tool box together while I was preparing dinner and I just had to document the moment!
New Playhouse
At the beginning of October, Papaw David came down to visit. Daddy, Papaw and the boys added on to their playset in the backyard, making a much larger playhouse. Crawling Girl

Cecilia started crawling forward – she’s on the move!!
Sleeping Brothers

These boys slept in the living room one night, I love how their sleep positions are so similar!

This is not the best photo but we were all sitting on the couch, very close together watching something! We tend to move around our home as a big bunch – we joke that if we had a bigger house, it’d be a waste of money and space because we’d all still be on top of each other. Cousin Brooklynn

We spent a few days at Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park on the Tennessee River with my family. The boys favorite part of this trip was spending time with cousin Brooklynn!With My Little Ones

My sweet little ones. You can hardly tell, but Cecilia is tucked into the baby carrier – see her polka dot hat?!Our Family

My Parents
My parents and my little ones.

7 Months Old

Cecilia was 7 months old on the 20th.

Here are some milestones from 6 to 7 months:

    • Crawling
    • Sitting self up from lying position
    • Started solids
    • Started pulling up at 6 months, 11 days old
    • Lowered crib
    • First haircut on October 1
    • No longer sleeping through the night 🙁



The boys insisted on having a  picnic lunch one afternoon. Their picnic table was in the yard and they set it up and enjoyed lunch on the lawn! I joined them.
Pulling Up

Our little lady thinks she’s bigger than she really is – since she’s mastered crawling, she’s moved on to pulling up on everything! It’s pretty adorable!

With Mimi

Mimi visited one weekend and we enjoyed lunch in Chattanooga and walking around downtown! Paxton walked the entire length of the walking bridge – I was so proud of him!Rachel and John David

With my sweet hubby – I’m trying to take more pictures of us together because we’ve really neglected taking pictures of us. Wearing Baby GirlWearing my sweet girl in the Boba while walking downtown.

So that was part one of October – part 2 is even better because it has lots of pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes!!

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