My Breastfeeding Story


A beautiful word describing such a natural thing, a mother nourishing her child. 

This is my breastfeeding story {so far}.

Within a few minutes of the birth of my first son, Paxton, I was breastfeeding him. I was blessed with a baby who latched on easily and a supportive husband. With the exception of a few insecurities as a first time mama, nursing was easy for me. He was exclusively breastfed for 6 months and continued to nurse until he weaned at 15 months when I was 16 weeks pregnant with his baby brother.

My second son, Weston, arrived less than 3 hours after labor began and was also nursing within minutes of his birth. With his alertness from his natural birth, he latched right on and with my confidence from 15 months of experience, we were off to a great start. (By one month, he was up to 10 pounds 13 ounces from his birth weight of 6 pounds 14 ounces!)

We had a few weeks of frustration while nursing before I figured out he had a dairy intolerance. Once I eliminated milk from my diet, he became a much happier baby. (And thankfully, he outgrew this intolerance by 4 months!)

Nursing my second baby has been a little different from my first. With a toddler to care for while nursing, I am unable to leisurely sit and nurse. I’m also much more confident in regards to nursing in public. I nurse Weston when he’s ready to eat no matter where we are. He’s nursed in restaurants, in church services, while grocery shopping, in the ERGO, in meetings {and more!} I don’t worry about offending anybody while doing something that’s completely natural.

Weston was exclusively breastfed for 5.5 months when he began ‘asking’ for solids. After a few days of solids, I realized his digestive system really was not ready yet and waited until he reached the 6 month mark. Once he began solids after 6 months, there were no issues.

He’s now 7 months and I plan to nurse until he self weans!

I’ve had positive breastfeeding experiences with my two boys but I know breastfeeding does not come natural and is not easy for some women. I’m just sharing my experience in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, not trying to make anyone feel inadequate. 

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  1. A wonderful story!! It's such a blessing that it's been mostly an easy experience! I didn't realize that Weston had a dairy intolerance. I remember you talking about how fussy he was when he was really small. I'm sure it was a relief to find out what the problem was!

    1. Cutting out dairy made a huge difference! He's still a high needs/fussy baby but I know his tummy is no longer bothering him like it was in the beginning.

  2. Hooray for breastfeeding! I am breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter still and she is so different from her sister, it's funny how they can have totally different nursing personalities! I'm hoping to go to 18 months this time around.

  3. Jd was breastfed for 13 months before he stopped on his own. I was so lucky he lached as he was a nic-u baby. His first food was formula and from a nurse, not even me! He was in the nic u for a week and i pumped tahat whole week to keep my milk coming in. It did! That was his last bottle of formula. I went back to work when he was four months and pumped two times during the day. He had pleanty to eat. He took a a bottle and me both equally fine. When jd was five months old he had a major surgery. He was in the OR for over six hours and was in the hospital for five long days. I continued to pump when he was unable to eat. When he was back to himself again, he was back to the breast. I'm grateful I had a positive breastfeeding experience.

    1. I'm sure your story is quite rare, getting your NICU baby to latch! I have so much respect for pumping mamas, if I had to exclusively pump/ pump part time, I'm pretty sure I would have quit after a month or two! Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. What a wonderful breastfeeding journey – and it's not over yet!

    I find it ironic that this is the week that I am officially done nursing Joe – funny timing! Well, he hasn't nursed since July 26 but I've been pumping some since then and today was my first official day not pumping. I am grateful for the success he and I had as my experience with his sister was far from pleasant.

    The only thing I wish I could change? Support. I never felt like I had any. Not from my family, Jason or his family. Well, my cousin was a strong supporter but that was it. It is so wonderful that your husband and family were supportive! I love hearing that there are families that are encouraging in regards to breastfeeding because as you said, it is a beautiful thing and there is nothing more natural.

    1. I'm so sorry you never felt like you had support but you are awesome for nursing Joe for so long without a network of support around you! So glad the experience with was easier than with his sister too!

  5. I would be SO interested in knowing how you realized Weston wasn't ready for solids? The reason I ask is b/c I just started our little Marshall on solids {at 5.5 months; no rice cereal, just fruits and veggies} and he is loving them. Very little tongue thrust, no spitting up or irritability. But sometimes he cries and cries when he has a bm, even tho' he isn't the least bit constipated {or otherwise. and sorry if that's tmi…I figured you could handle it?! ;o}. Other than that, he's a happy, smiley guy. Thanks in advance for your extra input. Have a happy day!

    1. Weston loved eating from the beginning too {and I started with fruits and veggies also} but he was immediately constipated. He went 2-3 days without a bowel movement which told me his digestive system wasn't quite ready. When I started him again at the 6 month mark, he never had any constipation issues.

      I know it does take a bit more effort to have a bowel movement once they start on solids versus exclusive nursing. Before solids, they just happened, now he has to 'work' a bit more! Maybe that's the issue? It's possible once he's a bit older the fussiness will go away.

  6. I would love to hear your story about natural birth. I was induced and had an epidural last time and am thinking about going natural this time but I'm a little scared. My husband thinks I'm nuts 🙂 Also how did you handle nursing an infant with a toddler running around? I am hoping to have our second baby within a year or year and a half and I just wonder how to handle that.

    1. Rebecca,

      Here's a link to Weston's birth story <a href="http:// :“ target=”_blank”> <a href="http://:” target=”_blank”>: My intentions throughout the entire pregnancy were to have a natural birth and I prepared myself with labor techniques like relaxing and overcoming the fear of the pain. I do believe my preparations helped because the entire labor was fairly easy with the worst part being told to wait to push until my midwife arrived at the hospital. I'm definitely hoping to have another natural birth if we're blessed with number 3 {it made the recovery so much easier!!}

      Nursing with a toddler isn't too hard. I'll sometimes read with Paxton but for the most part he tends to bring some toys into the room where I'm nursing and is content to just play close to us! Of course there are times when I have to put the baby down to clean up a mess or help Paxton go to the potty but you just do what you gotta do! 🙂

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