My $88 Spending Mistake

When I was expecting Weston, there wasn’t much we needed for him. We needed more cloth diapers and I knew an easy and comfortable sling or carrier was a must since I had a toddler.

I already had a wrap which was comfortable but not really convenient for using outside of the home.

I read reviews and asked questions. I decided a ring sling was a good fit for what I needed. They looked super simple and were very pretty.

I began looking for ring slings and decided I had to have a particular brand. I had never even worn a ring sling and knew one shouldered carriers weren’t comfortable to me since I had a pocket sling with Paxton.

I sold a few items we no longer needed and used some money we were given as gifts for Weston and purchased an $88 ring sling.

When it arrived, I tried it on with Paxton, with Paxton’s teddy bear and even my sister’s 4-month-old. I practiced putting it on but wasn’t comfortable. 

When Weston arrived, I tried on the ring sling several times but only wore him in it twice. I was not comfortable adjusting the rails and even with my teeny newborn (weighing less than 8 pounds at the time), my shoulders ached. I ended up using the Baby K’tan I purchased at our local resale store (it ended up being too big so I purchased a smaller one that I used all the time!) The expensive ring sling just sat in its box.

Every time I’d look in the boys closet, I’d see the sling and it was a reminder of the money I wasted. I was frustrated with myself for spending so much on a sling.

I definitely learned my lesson. It’s always best to try something before you buy, especially big ticket items. And of course, a little common sense could have determined that since the pocket sling was so uncomfortable on one shoulder, a ring sling probably would be uncomfortable too.

 Do you have any spending mistake stories? 

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  1. This is too bad – I love my ring sling! Like you, I found it uncomfortable at the start. One day at the park I took it from the car and asked a friend's sister (who makes them) what I was doing wrong. For me, my biggest mistake was wearing it too high on my shoulder, if that makes sense, Once I lowered where I wore it (I shifted it down so it was directly over my shoulder vs. above it near my neck – this meant my shoulder was taking the weight, not my neck area) I started to enjoy it! In fact, I have worn my three-year-old home from the park in it just recently! It is so interesting how mama's can have so many different preferences in things and how some things work for some but not others!

    I have plenty of irrational spending stories! Irrational spending is the one thing we find ourselves having to focus on often! I do work at Target, so the urge to shop is pretty much a constant and if I'm being honest, we don't need a thing, After work I bolt. I just get my things and get outta there! It's been working well.

    1. So happy you love your ring sling…they really are the prettiest baby carriers and so simple! And yes, it is interesting how we have different preferences and something I can't use is loved by you and vice versa!

      I love the statement, 'after work I bolt!' You're smart! It's super hard to spend money when you don't allow yourself to browse, either in stores or online!

  2. Your post really made me laugh! It is an ongoing joke in my family that I buy too many slings. Over the course of four kids, I had accumulated a whole collection of slings and wraps. Now that I am trying to live simply, I have donated most of them. Incidentally, it was the one that I actually made myself that I really loved. (I found a tutorial on of how to make a no-sew wrap out of jersey cotton.)

    I tend to buy things unnecessarily when I feel they will benefit my kiddos. It has been a real problem in the past, but I have put a stop to it now!

    1. Having a good sling/wrap/carrier is a necessity but it is easy to go overboard! My Baby K'tan is black and a month or so ago I was tempted to purchase one in white/cream since it's almost summer but the reality is I'm not wearing him in it much now that he's getting bigger so it was not a need at all. And that's funny how the one you made {and I'm pretty sure probably the least expensive} is your favorite! 🙂

  3. I find that irrational spending crops up if I have been working long hours and am stressed. If I'm working a 10-12 hour day it's so easy to stagger into the shops at lunchtime and buy a treat. I still haven't found a better way to treat myself or cheer myself up in that situation, especially as the facilities at work aren't that great.

    I don't have brilliant shops near me so often find I cannot try before I buy and that's when mistakes often occur. I do try to read as many online reviews of products now so that I don't make mistakes.

    1. I agree that when you are working a lot and stressed the irrational spending crops up! Convenience can be a killer and that chocolate at the checkout suddenly becomes a "necessity" when I am stressed!

      1. This makes sense! I know when I'm feeling stressed I'm much more susceptible to going out to eat/picking up convenience foods. I guess the key here is knowing that those are our weak points and taking steps to avoid the temptation! 🙂

  4. The biggest "irrational expense" we had was a conversion van we bought so that we could go camping in. Hubby traded in his new(er) car to get this old(er) conversion van. It wouldnt have been such a horrible expense, except for just months later, we moved 45 miles away, and hubby had to drive the gas guzzler to and from work 35 miles each way. Oh, and did I mention we NEVER went camping in this van? Ugh. $5,700 of an "irrational expense." Luckily, we were able to trade it in for hubby's newest vehicle, which is funny, because we've gone camping in it on more than one occasion! Such is life. This "irrational expense" has taught us to wait and talk alot before buying expensive items.

    1. It is sickening when you know you've made a bad financial decision! And I love that you've gone camping in the newer vehicle not purchased with the intention of camping!

      And camping reminds me of our 'camping clutter'! We spent some of our wedding money on a nice tent and camping gear. We went once and it was miserable…it rained! 6 years later {with the tent moving with us} we've only been that one time! We talk about it every summer but haven't taken action. Once again, we're talking about camping this summer…even if camping is just pitching the tent in the backyard!

  5. I don't know that it was so irrational. What works with one baby may not work with another, and vice versa. I didn't like any slings (pocket or ring) when my babies were newborns, but once they were big enough for a hip carry, the ring sling worked really well. It's not entirely hands-free, but when baby is being fussy and clingy and there's stuff to be done, the hip carry works great.

    1. My boys both love to be worn and so far everything we have tried they've liked but I cannot do one shoulder carries. I'm petite and have big boys (by 5 months they've both been about 1/5 of my bodyweight). I consider this choice irratonal because I knew it wasn't going to be comfortable for me but I wanted it to work so, so bad and hoped a nice, expensive sling would be magical!

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