When I was expecting Weston, there wasn’t much we needed for him. We needed more cloth diapers and I knew an easy and comfortable sling or carrier was a must since I had a toddler.

I already had a wrap which was comfortable but not really convenient for using outside of the home.

I read reviews and asked questions. I decided a ring sling was a good fit for what I needed. They looked super simple and were very pretty.

I began looking for ring slings and decided I had to have a particular brand. I had never even worn a ring sling and knew one shouldered carriers weren’t comfortable to me since I had a pocket sling with Paxton.

I sold a few items we no longer needed and used some money we were given as gifts for Weston and purchased an $88 ring sling.

When it arrived, I tried it on with Paxton, with Paxton’s teddy bear and even my sister’s 4-month-old. I practiced putting it on but wasn’t comfortable. 

When Weston arrived, I tried on the ring sling several times but only wore him in it twice. I was not comfortable adjusting the rails and even with my teeny newborn (weighing less than 8 pounds at the time), my shoulders ached. I ended up using the Baby K’tan I purchased at our local resale store (it ended up being too big so I purchased a smaller one that I used all the time!) The expensive ring sling just sat in its box.

Every time I’d look in the boys closet, I’d see the sling and it was a reminder of the money I wasted. I was frustrated with myself for spending so much on a sling.

I definitely learned my lesson. It’s always best to try something before you buy, especially big ticket items. And of course, a little common sense could have determined that since the pocket sling was so uncomfortable on one shoulder, a ring sling probably would be uncomfortable too.

 Do you have any spending mistake stories? 

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